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TOHK 2 App not found in store [answered]

asked 2016-01-07 08:15:50 +0300

ThulSaduun gravatar image


i updated the app for the hardware keyboard with the Store. After that i could not enter the keyboardsettings anymore. In the menu the icon showed a rotating circle.

So i wanted to reinstall it. But after deleting die app, i could not find it within the Store to install it again.

Any Suggestions what to do?

Greetings Thul

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-01-07 09:07:37 +0300

ssahla gravatar image

It's not a regular app but an ambience package, that's why you can't find it. It should install automatically when you connect the TOH to the phone.

Try removing and reconnecting the TOH. If that doesn't trigger the install, you can also do it manually:

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Thank you very much. :-D

Worked like a charm.

ThulSaduun ( 2016-01-07 17:58:13 +0300 )edit

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