Extend alarm clock alert time

asked 2016-01-08 21:03:33 +0300

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Currently the Jolla phones stock alarm clock stops playing the alarm and goes automatically on snooze after one minute. I for one would like to listen my selected wakeup tone completely to fully wake in the day to come and the one minute timer does not cut it. If this setting could be adjusted it would be grand.

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Hey, I agree with Juicy. Maybe there is a simple terminal command for this, to just extend the timer from one minute to 3-10mins. I am slow waker, and if I could listen my favorite full song with snooze on as well, then it would be the first positive thing to happen first in the beginning of day. =) Thank you!

Konn ( 2017-06-28 15:22:01 +0300 )edit