Support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint (aka Hotspot 2.0)

asked 2016-01-21 22:11:25 +0300

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updated 2016-01-22 14:14:42 +0300

It would allow Jolla to automatically connect to WLANs without entering SSIDs or keys which would be especially helpful for people who are saving in phone bill by having the slowest possible internet or no internet at all or people who have data caps (this section is added after opening this thread as I forgot those exist as only one carrier in Finland has them (who offtopicly also sued another carrier who advertised themselves with having "no stupid datacaps")).

In Android 4.4.4 this is disabled by default and can be enabled in WiFi --> Advanced "Passpoint" "Automatically connect to Passpoint-certified Wi-Fi access points."

Update: After talking about this at IRC, it seems that Passpoint support in Android depends on manufacturer, e.g. Samsung (I have Galaxy SIII).

Tigeli said that Jolla would probably have to pay if they wanted to use the name "Wi-Fi certified Passpoint" and I mentioned that there is another name "Hotspot 2.0" and they then said that Hotspot 2.0 is already supported by Connman, but that they disabled it because it had problems with some airport hotspots.

With this knowledge, this question is just Jolla adding option to the UI for enabling Hotspot 2.0 for people who want to use it.

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