Is Jolla Serious about long term? [subjective]

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Sailfish OS is fighting a losing battle right now. Android and IOS are making life difficult even for Windows. BB10 and Firefox have bowed out.

Although December round of financing was confirmed, We have yet to see results for it. I hope we do.

No new phone has been launched since more than 1.5 years. While sales may have been good, many owners have since already switched.

Tablet owners have been cheated (for lack of a better word here). More than half will wash their hands of Jolla and Sailfish as future potential customers. One thing a company should never do is not deliver a product after it has been paid for.

There are already a lot of new amongst the community of how many employees already had troubles before the layoff. Half the laidoff employees, I have read are willingly not interested to work again for the company.

On top of this, an investor in my know contacted the company for financing options (not ideas), but never heard back.

Are the makers of Jolla and Developers of Sailfish Serious about their business?

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Jolla departed ways with the hardware side of things, they aren't going to do another phone. Next Sailfish os phone will be Intex Aquafish, and its expected to be announced on MWC

Whippler ( 2016-01-22 09:20:52 +0300 )edit

Firefox OS didn't call it quits, just like Jolla they just stopped focussing on hardware. Also, stop it with this kind of shit on TJC, put it on a personal blog.

nthn ( 2016-01-22 09:46:31 +0300 )edit

Jolla need a new CEO, or bring back Mark Dillon.

tvicol ( 2016-01-22 10:20:01 +0300 )edit

Who else is going to use Sailfish OS? Intex is not the best company out there to be teamed up with when you are trying to make an impact.

As a fellow businessman, I see a lot of things need to be changed.

Happy people do not make a lot of noise, unhappy people make a lot of noise. Especially when a business takes money from them. Jolla said they will get something worthwhile, but why cant they choose to get a refund? (PS: I am not on the tablet list.)

What if I am willing to fund a new kickass phone with Sailfish OS? Will Jolla partner with me or will they leave halfway? (I am serious on this idea.)

Let's see how they respond.

devarshi84 ( 2016-01-22 13:50:03 +0300 )edit

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