Bluetooth headset microphone not working

asked 2016-01-30 12:41:11 +0200

I have tried using the Jolla with two different BT headsets which work well with FruitPhones and Droids. The buttons and audio both work with Jolla, but mic test in CSD tool uses Jolla's built-in mic instead of the headphones'.

Can I help debugging this issue and is it fixable by forcing Jolla to use connected mic or something?

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In a way your question is related to this one, only with opposite direction. The idea we share is that we got to find out how different input and output channels (or audio sinks) are handled. Yet I have not found the corresponding configuration methods. Let's start digging! :)

lakutalo ( 2016-01-31 12:21:53 +0200 )edit

Well, kind of. It's kind of annoying that my phone rings (from speaker) and my headset makes it's own incoming call sound at the same time, but the mic doesn't work. Also, said headset seems to interrupt my wlan connection (how??).

Anyway, where shall we start digging?

jollailija ( 2016-01-31 21:01:24 +0200 )edit

That was already different, I think. As of I realised that system sounds were no longer played on my BT speaker but on the phone, instead of interrupting the music. This seems to have gone into regression. So first of all we need to know how BT output is set up from device to device. There must be a couple of profiles, hopefully as text files. From there I guess it will be easy to find out how to divert different classes of sounds to different channels. BTW sometimes I really wonder why we have to find out all of this by back-engineering, and not using documentation.

lakutalo ( 2016-02-01 10:30:48 +0200 )edit

I feel you @lakutalo. The font size case was absolutely horrifying: some people stopped using the Jolla because of the too small font size while Jolla Italia had instructions for changing it. It took over a year for the dconf value to surface here on TJC. Seriously, having so many local communities seems to hurt Jolla! :) /off-topic

jollailija ( 2016-02-01 15:50:13 +0200 )edit