[bug] Odd behavior of text input combo when changing layout numbers from 7 to 6

asked 2016-02-06 19:25:39 +0200

AliN gravatar image

updated 2016-02-06 19:26:48 +0200

Text input combo box for "active keyboard" opens a subpage when enabled layouts are 7 or more. But changing them back to less than 7 can make problems.

To reproduce:

  1. Enable 7 keyboard layouts;
  2. Open the "Active keyboard" combo box;
  3. Go to layouts page again and deselect one/some in order to have less than 7 enabled;
  4. Now try to open the combo. The combo gets highlighted but won't show any options – a screenshot.

Since it's solved when you go back to main page of Settings, I consider this as a minor bug; however needs to be fixed for the best experience.

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Who uses that menu anyway? Just hold down spacebar as told by the little description text ;)

But if this affects all combo boxes, it needs to be fixed.

jollailija ( 2016-02-06 19:28:18 +0200 )edit

@jollailija, good tip. It can be a bug in combo when changing from subpage to menu due to selected items. How we can test it? There's no more of such combo boxes. However I still consider it minor.

AliN ( 2016-02-06 19:34:54 +0200 )edit

Well, you can build a simple app with a compo box that has a selectable amount of options.
Yes, it's pretty minor and I haven't seen apps with a changing amount of combo box options, but you never know if one is going to end up at Store next week :)

jollailija ( 2016-02-06 19:40:11 +0200 )edit