Email - automatically deleting failed sends after # retries

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This is an minor annoyance, and I know there's already many more pressing issues regarding the Email app. However:

I tried sending a video to myself from gallery via Google mail. It failed most likely due to the large file size of the attached video. I forgot about this and went happily on with my daily life, but after a week or so I started noting some heavy upstream data usage @ my WiFi. After poking around tcpdumps I found out that Email app was trying to send and/or sync the failed email submission to/via Google servers every so often. The problem was naturally solved by deleting the messages from my Outbox.

After predefined amount of retries the automated solution would be to delete failed outgoing email, or to disable retries on it before some correcting action is taken.

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What mail size are we talking about? In general, SMTP is a very robust protocol, designed for liability, thus the infinite retries. SMTP is not made for the transfer of big amounts of data, there is no resume feature, no data compression, etc.

femtopeta ( 2015-03-27 14:00:05 +0300 )edit