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Recovery vs. warranty

asked 2016-02-25 15:39:18 +0300

randomstringofletters gravatar image

My second Jolla I bought in December and just started using a week ago, after crashes on my old one became intolerable, seems to have bitten the dust. I think it might be a hardware problem as it started with the display suddenly turning off (as in a traditional crash due to high CPU load/bad battery), then coming back on after a while but everything being extremely slow despite low CPU load. A few minutes later the screen went black again and since then, the Jolla hasn't been able to boot. I don't even get a Jolla logo, just a white LED that turns off after a few seconds. I suspect it might be a display problem, on one in maybe a dozen boot attempts I suddenly got the normal PIN prompt but as soon as I typed a number the screen went black again. The on/off button seems to do nothing at all, volume down sometimes causes the Jolla to vibrate. The only thing that works as designed is fastboot, I can get to the recovery menu and shell via telnet. On the other hand, it might be a software issue as well since problems started just after I installed Dalvik and the store/web sockets version of Signal, everything was fine as long as I didn't have that evil Android stuff on the Jolla ;).

Now I'm wondering if I should try to use recovery or not, as I (surprisingly) like SFOS 2.0 and don't want to end up stuck on 1.0.7 or something. Maybe I should just send it to Care on warranty - did anyone successfully get their Jolla repaired/replaced on warranty after December?

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answered 2016-03-01 12:53:16 +0300

coderus gravatar image

You can try everything before sending to warranty repair

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I think I'll do just that. Jolla would repair it on warranty and I got the paperwork necessary to send the phone to care, but FedEx refuses to believe that Jolla is actually paying for the parcel, so they demand 43€ from me - which I don't really want to pay.

randomstringofletters ( 2016-03-04 18:20:53 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 21:49:00 +0300

randomstringofletters gravatar image

Answering my own question in case anyone ever has the same problem: Coderus was right, I should just have used recovery, since that's what was done in Helsinki. Apparently the hardware was/is perfectly fine and I probably screwed up installing the Android stuff in the wrong order. Had I done it myself I would have saved Jolla the trouble of sorting things out with FedEx and also a lot of money - sorry! :/

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