[all versions][android support]Aptoide search not working anymore

asked 2016-02-27 01:55:29 +0300

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I recently had to wipe my Jolla phone. First thing i did was installing all the necessary apps. I also installed the Aptoide store for Android apps. It appears to work. However, when i'm searching for an app that is not in one of my stores, it opens a search page in the browser. You can chose the app from a store that has not been added to Aptoide yet. The browser would then download a xml file that should be automatically opened by Aptoide like it was before. What happens instead? The xml file is opened and displayed by the browser. There appears to be no way of opening the file in Aptoide. The only available workaround is noting the store name and manually adding it to Aptoide. The issue persists throughout all the available updates up until

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I can confirm this. Apparently also Android browsers (like firefox or opera mini) open up the .xml file in their browsers instead of loading it into aptoide.

leszek ( 2016-02-27 14:59:03 +0300 )edit