My phone won't turn on.

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My problem seems to be the same as this guy's:

I recently bought a jolla phone. While still in the T-mobile store where I set up my data plan, I started to set up my phone and got to the place where it asked my what apps I wanted to install. I selected the apps and hit next. Then while the apps installed, it wanted me to go through a series of four steps to get to know the swipes. I was unable to get past the third step so I elected to install the system updates that were available, thinking that a fresh start would help.

It was several hours later when the updates had not finished installing, yet somehow I accidentally managed to get to my home screen, tile page, and apps as if nothing had happened. There was a notification that the system update failed which didn't bother me a whole lot. I was just happy to have the use of my phone.

BUT I was not able to actually open apps. I tried the camera and the browser but there would just be a loading message on the tile. I could no open anything in the store. Since turning the device off and on again often works with computers I tried it with the phone. But now it won't turn on. It now stays at the black screen with the word "Jolla" in perpetuity. Removal and reinsertion of the battery does not help.

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Unfortunately I couldn't even get past preparing my device as there was no vibrations.

MBelmon ( 2016-03-08 01:29:14 +0300 )edit

Give the battery a good charge and try again,

Edz ( 2016-03-08 03:27:52 +0300 )edit

I tried and am still unable to get the phone into recovery mode.

MBelmon ( 2016-03-09 17:02:46 +0300 )edit