[BUG?] Notification about Android support update (Jolla phone).

asked 2016-03-13 12:14:31 +0300

Schturman gravatar image

For the last 3 days it happened to me 3 times...
3 days ago I have got store notification about Android support update. Once I pressed on it and store opened, I opened Android support page and it shown me "Not installed". I'm tried to install and store crashed. I restarted lipstick and all my folders gone, I got one big mess with all icons on the homescreen...
I checked "btrfs-balancer allocation" and it was 100%. I did "btrfs balance start /" and now I have 83%.
Setup all icons to new folders and all looks good. But today I got this message again, twice ! But now I just restarted aliendalvik and message disappeared. Checked store and all looks ok.
Someone know what this ? Why it happened or how to fix it ?

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my experience is: allocation below 75% is good. on my jolla it means that i do not use 40% of internal storage.

pawel ( 2016-03-13 12:56:33 +0300 )edit

Don't really sure this that allocation is a problem... Was days when it was over 95% and phone worked smoothly... Notification about Android support update is something new and weird...

Schturman ( 2016-03-13 20:52:06 +0300 )edit

Had the Android update notification for few days, impossible to update. Android support (freshly installed) was actually unusable, android apps were impossible to install, etc. After some checks, came out that "ssu s" displayed version=latest. Changed (ssu re <version>, were <version> is the real version - Once done, update notification disappeared. Android started working as expected. Funnily, outgoing mail from one mail account which stopped working few days ago for no reason started working after this ssu re.</version>

rtr2001 ( 2016-03-14 02:01:09 +0300 )edit

For me ssu s show:
[root@Jolla nemo]# ssu s
Device registration status: not registered
Device model: Jolla (SbJ / JP-1301)
Device UID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Domain: sales
[root@Jolla nemo]#

Probably this is not is my problem....

Schturman ( 2016-03-14 03:23:03 +0300 )edit

Damn... it hapened again, twice... also phone rebooted itself... Very strage problem...

Schturman ( 2016-03-14 09:00:18 +0300 )edit