SMS lost, keyboard crashes ->restart needed

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I have a bigger issue with my jolla phone (i guess an software issue). Most of the time everything works well but from time to time (the last two days, every morning),the phone software is in a "not consistence state", which leads to data lost, makes it impossible to work on and requieres at the end a reboot. After a reboot it works again. I guess that sometimes also incoming sms are dropped when the phone is in this "strange state". I got several complains that I do not response to sms, which I never received. But most of the time I get sms as expected.

An example from today how I realize that the phone is in this strange "state":
- I see at home screen 3 new sms (So this time i got them but one sms is displayed two times, I asked, it was only sent one time),
- I unlock the screen,
- I swipe fom left to right to open the information screen and check the sms text in the preview.
Indicator 1: My weather app lost the location
- I press on an previewed sms to open the app to answer,
Indicator 2: Now the 2(3) sms are gone, I would expect that they are in the message history
Indicator 3: Now I try to answer, the keyboard comes up and vanish again. I try that 3,4 time, everytime it comes up and vanish again. I'm not able to type anything.
Indicator 4: When I hold now the on/off button, only the Power off button appears. Usually I see below this button also my favortie ambients. Now I shut down the phone.

It seems to be something basic, because different areas are effected. I already tried following:
- btrfs fi show: 13,75/9,82 (started balance without issue)
- I also switched from 4g to 3G in the mobile network setting,
- In the past I also got problems to switch to the developer mode, which was fixed with: link text

All topics did not help.
Do you have any ideas what causes this behaviour? Any logs I could scan?
The fact that I might not get any SMS, is for me hard. Because people think I'm unreliable, not my phone.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Well this are strange issues. Do you have many SMS messages (a big database)? Is the keyboard only closing in the messaging application?

Do you have developer mode and terminal installed?

Alex ( 2016-03-18 01:27:43 +0300 )edit

I have the same Problem that some SMS (at least 1) got lost. I for sure did not delete it. How can I find it again? also on SF2.017

Bavarian ( 2016-03-18 17:15:23 +0300 )edit

@Alex: I do not have that much sms. Currently the dev mode is installed. Today I have again that issue. This time there is no sms involved but the other mentioned indicators are there. I tried to open the keyboard in email app but my accounts are aways (temporary, when I resart they are back). I can still access photos and contacts .I got also an message that I have issue withe my jolla store (message is in german and it is gone already). I'm also not able to switch any wlan connection.

What I did this time before is to unplug the phone from usb cable (last time i did nothing special). For a moment the screnn was black.

Thanks for your help.

zonken ( 2016-03-19 11:14:30 +0300 )edit

@Bavarian: Can you check this: I'm not sure whether that article is still up to date. It is saying that jolla uses 4g only for data and if the network has problems with switching bands, it can happen that incoming calls and sms are lost. Solution is to prefer 3g. Maybe it helps in your case.

I don't know how to restore sms.

zonken ( 2016-03-19 11:23:13 +0300 )edit