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What will your next phone be? [answered]

asked 2016-03-16 15:59:50 +0300

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updated 2018-07-03 10:00:00 +0300

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My Jolla phone is showing its age these days: the battery is failing, a third party spare (Cameron Sino) that I bought doesn't work brilliantly (possibly it was loose: been better the last few days since I jammed it in with some paper), and generally the phone struggles with modern web sites and apps - although its built-in basic features all still work as well as ever.

What phones are you looking at as replacements for your Jolla? Is there a modern phone which runs Sailfish well? Looking at the Cyanogen compatibility matrix, many of the models listed are a few years old, and compatibility is patchy. Are you looking at the Ubuntu phone? Etc.

I'm quite attracted by the Sony Z series: powerful, waterproof, has an impressive compact model, and Sony seem to have an open source support policy of sorts; older models at least run Cyanogen though I'm not sure about the current ones. Very interested in dual SIM, but their open source layer, and of course Sailfish, don't support that.

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i think that the current official sfos phones which would be supported for sure from jolla are the intex and the fairphone. Others are more or less ported one, and not expected to be fully supported at the moment...

cemoi71 ( 2016-03-16 16:30:35 +0300 )edit

I own a OnePlus X with 3GB RAM. But I dislike poor android. I hope the port of Sailfish will work soon (main camera, head phone etc, and android support) yes, hardware of my jolla is old, camera lost sharpness and green color is to weak. But 1GB RAM is the main reason.

torti17 ( 2016-03-16 18:29:21 +0300 )edit

Lots of Jolla users have probably already moved on.... I have.

FJVA ( 2016-04-05 22:43:55 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-03-16 17:05:28 +0300

updated 2016-03-16 17:08:51 +0300

I am not going to switch from my Jolla as long as it works, but if I had to choose a replacement now I'd go for the Fairphone 2. It has a wide range of Android flavours and even Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch and soon Sailfish OS to choose from. Even if it doesn't get "official support" from Jolla, I believe SFDroid will work on it soon enough.

(Having spare batteries and other spare parts available is of course also a big plus, and don't forget about the "TOH-like" expandability :D)

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I have had iPhones and Android phones before I got my Jolla phone. I will never ever go back to either of those other platforms anymore.

That leaves me with the Fairphone2 which I quite like as the only candidate in the near future.

But actually did I buy a PuzzlePhone during their crowd funding campaign as I feel it is the perfect match to Jolla, as a hardware platform (TOH) as well as a company. I convinced myself there there surely will be some sort of cooperation and SFOS will be available for it at some point in time. I dearly hope that I will find I was right in that in the end.

hubat ( 2016-03-17 04:03:52 +0300 )edit

This is from Puzzlephone page: “Jolla is excited to support PuzzlePhone, the Finnish Mobile device made by Circular Devices, and both communities to port Sailfish OS, the independent mobile OS from Finland,” says Harri Hakulinen, Jolla CTO. So I guess there will be Sailfish on Puzzlephone but I'm still wondering whether it will be official Jolla support or just community port.

sepuka ( 2016-03-17 12:06:52 +0300 )edit

I had and have still a Nokia N900. Then I got my Jolla because of the TOH wow factor. I'm also not a bit fan of Google's Android chaos platform or Apple's jailed ecosystem. I will stick with Jolla phone until it dies as want to develop personal TOH. The support of 3rd party HW developers for "TOH-like" expandability is what decides my next SFOS phone (btw kimmoli&dirkvl&andrew [tohkbd2] are brilliant TOH makers!). I might consider due modularity Fairphone 2 or PuzzlePhone.

DarkWhite ( 2016-03-26 17:06:06 +0300 )edit

I have a Fairphone 2 lying around waiting for SFOS support.

jtiemer ( 2016-04-18 21:12:43 +0300 )edit

@jtiemer It's coming! Fairphone confirmed on Twitter that they are working on Android support. Meanwhile you should try out the community port!

jollailija ( 2016-04-22 17:30:29 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 18:00:56 +0300

codeandcreate gravatar image

it will be a Fairphone 2. i'm just waiting for official SFOS support.

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Same here!

jbruggem ( 2016-03-26 15:21:46 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 19:45:51 +0300

avhakola gravatar image

PuzzlePhone, hope we will get the Sailfish port some official support later if not from the launch.

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Double thumps up for this one. I am with you, bro!

hubat ( 2016-03-17 04:17:30 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 16:21:55 +0300

krs gravatar image

I'm hoping that the Turing Phone (https://www.turingphone.com/) will become real product. According to the current plans, the sells should start in a month or so.

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Are there any news about it? It looks interesting.

Huholoman ( 2016-03-16 16:44:17 +0300 )edit

Yeah, I'd never heard of them before. Looks very interesting. Their website looks like a complete scam to me (bad/inaccessible design, Flash/Java interface, not very forthcoming on what they're about, etc.), but they've had a lot of press over the last year. This is the most analytical article I could find on them: http://reviewjolla.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/promise-on-sailfish-os-turing-phone-by.html .. they do exist, have recently moved to Finland and switched to Sailfish OS, but there appear to be patent/trademark issues over the metal they propose to use.

Regarding the design: I've enough holes in my trousers already from my Jolla's sharp corners, so was rather looking forward to a phone with a rounded design. Oh well :-/

Conrad ( 2016-03-16 16:52:00 +0300 )edit

@HuholomanJollaSuomi has this.

Quick summary: TRI and Jolla are finishing the licensing agreement, but it hasn't been signed yet (as of Feb 26, 2016). The final agreement should happen within few weeks. While TRI has already announced the use of Sailfish, Jolla hasn't given any information out yet.

krs ( 2016-03-17 14:14:04 +0300 )edit

Looking at the specs, Sailfish 2.0 seems to be the official OS... pretty odd since they claim it provides end to end encryption, while Sailfish has no native disk or mail encryption support. Nonetheless, interesting project indeed. One bummer: proprietary connector.

spidernik84 ( 2016-03-26 19:24:44 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 18:13:01 +0300

ossi1967 gravatar image

I thought Ubuntu would be the way to go, but after buying an Ubuntu phone I know better. It's really, really not there yet.

I do hope the Fairphone 2 will get full and official SFOS support, including Android amulation and stuff. In this case, it's a worthy successor to the Jolla phone... even if it's really expensive. If the Fairphone doesn't offer full SF support, I'll be in trouble soon. I still have a second Jolla phone as a backup, but still... Time moves on, I'd really want a better cam and more up-to-date specs.

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Ubuntu could become a choice for the tablet - on the phone I agree it's far away from usable even far behind FirefoxOS wich made really a great step forward with 2.5 and 2.6 - a pity they dropped it in this state of evolution

elastic ( 2016-03-16 20:15:59 +0300 )edit

@elastic I am sorry to say that on the tablet in particular there is nothing better around than SFOS. I am sorry because only a few of us have a chance to experience this. I would wish we all could enjoy that device together. It is pure pleasure.

hubat ( 2016-03-17 04:11:01 +0300 )edit

@hubat unfortunately I'm not among the lucky 540 ... So I can't buy what is not on the market ...

elastic ( 2016-03-17 19:51:54 +0300 )edit

@elastic I am not either. I bought one of the rogue ones in China as described here

I am not happy about using dubious channels to acquire it. But I sure am happy about the tablet. The more I feel sad about the fact that not everyone can just get one and I hope that Jolla finds ways to make (unencumbered) SFOS available to the masses on the tablet form factor 'soon'.

DieUnwucht ( 2016-03-17 22:35:26 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-16 20:20:07 +0300

elastic gravatar image

updated 2016-03-16 20:22:36 +0300

What about a SailfishOS licence system (incl active sync, Alien, ...) wich let us choose the device we want and just pay a yearly fee for the OS to Jolla - so the community can port the free parts to every device they want (and are able to) and Jolla provides the rest as a paid premium - that would be freedom of choice;-)

Oh and my next device - anything smaller then 5" and without android or iOS ;-)

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answered 2016-03-16 17:40:36 +0300

SilentWanderer gravatar image

Once upon a time I was spoilt for choice, will it be the n900 or the n9? Good times.

Right now unfortunately nothing seems attractive enough to warrant an "upgrade". Last phone I bought: Jolla. It still works ok.. I only bought it after my trusty N9 stopped working, and to be honest even with current sailfish FW it feels like a downgrade. After this experience I tried to dismantle the N9 to replace battery but the screw heads melted while I was trying to unscrew them and now there is no way to open it up.. not even sure its the battery it just died.

My family members give me "charity" phones, mainly iphones, because when they ask me why I don't appear online in whatsapp (I didn't install alien dalvik and wont).. or have no social media interaction.. they think I have no "smart phone" and wish to fix the situation by giving me old iphone 4s etc.. I use one alongside my jolla


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The same applies mostly to me as well. While I didn't have an option to select between N900 and N9, the latter has always provided the user interface and experience I have been looking for. I have always thought that Apple has the best UI/UX designers, but N9 raised the bar to the new heights. If there will ever be a phone, which provides the same UI/UX, I will buy it. Regardless the manufacturer or OS underneath.

Buying Jolla phone was somewhat act of charity; to show support and (somewhat) secure future for the next best alternative. I didn't like the phone at first, and I still hate the lack of AMOLED display, only 16 GB internal storage or crappy main camera, but in general I'm quite pleased with it. I do hope that the next update of Sailfish will bring decent support of SD card to the Android apps as well. That would allow me to push the amount of internal storage more close my N9's 64 GB. I use still my N9 occasionally (e.g. Jolla's battery is empty, still pretty good offline maps, games), but I have to admit that Jolla has been my main phone since I got it.

krs ( 2016-03-17 11:31:28 +0300 )edit

@krs I think my use of the N9 as my main GPS device is what accelerated its death, I remember it getting pretty warm when I had GPS running for hours on end! Still good with offline maps you say? I was under the impression you no longer can download newer maps for the N9, is that not the case? The N9 also was an embodiment of what "made in finland" meant.. sad day when the ship sank.. at least many of the guys that brought us that phone are still around here at Jolla.

SilentWanderer ( 2016-03-18 03:18:58 +0300 )edit

I also feel like jolla is a downgrade after N9, but I also think that jolla is the best option at the moment. About whatsapp: have you tried the unofficial "whatsup"? It is sailfish native and works pretty well, I have been using it since I got my jolla (late 2015) and just one major issue happened when whatsapp changed something and it took couple of days from the makers to repair the app. I believe I got the latest version from warehouse...

anza ( 2016-03-21 06:58:46 +0300 )edit

Thanks for the tip.. I heard some stuff about being blocked by whatsapp if a non-official app was detected..

SilentWanderer ( 2016-03-22 03:39:18 +0300 )edit

For my understanding, that issue should be resolved but I suppose there is always a small risk.

When the whatsup stopped workin I used sailorgram for the time being. It was quite nice, messages were received faster etc. sadly people are keen on whatsapp.

anza ( 2016-03-22 06:50:53 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-30 14:05:44 +0300

jobe-m gravatar image

updated 2016-03-30 21:44:40 +0300

My next phone is already an Oneplus X with SFOS flashed. It is incredibly stable already. Some little quirks with image orientation from the camera and vibra. But vibra is already fixed by kimmoli and should be included in the next release.

Of course no Android app support yet. But sfdroid might work some day here, too. And no Jolla store access yet.

What I really like on the phone is:

  • AMOLED display - it's so much better than the Jolla phone display, 5" is perfect size for me
  • 3GB RAM - no annoying app closures
  • curved display edges feel good with edge swipes
  • SD card support or second SIM slot (2nd SIM not yet usable but might come with the aquafish support)
  • blank screen touch gesture support to control media player, flashlight, open phone call log directly and double tap to wake up the display
  • tristate switch (HW switch) to directly choose between 3 ambiances
  • very affordable prize tag

Most of the stuff was enabled by kimmoli. Big thanks to him and Taaeem for the inital port!

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Can/will the blank screen gestures be ported to all SFOS phones? Paging @kimmoli??

ApB ( 2016-03-30 17:40:02 +0300 )edit

The nice progress with the Oneplus X might be a result that Oneplus publishes the kernel sources in a usable form on github. No idea if the touch gestures on the blank screen need a special touch HW or driver SW or just some kernel support. But apparently everything seems to be in place here :)

jobe-m ( 2016-03-30 20:28:15 +0300 )edit

@ApB propably not on _all_ phones. I tweaked kernel driver a bit to make it work together with mce (thanks to @spiiroin for mce changes).

ofc it can be made to work, but either needs kernel driver tweaking if hw supports them, or by software but it might cost high battery drain.

@jobe-m well, i headbanged 2 days on wrong vibra-driver as it was enable in defconfig - and there is not even that chip in the phone. And do not forget @Taaeem (hope this is his uid here) for making most of the port. i just tweaked some small parts on top of it.

kimmoli ( 2016-03-30 21:41:18 +0300 )edit

@kimmoli have you tried J1?

ApB ( 2016-03-30 23:21:11 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-03-17 00:44:17 +0300

flywheel gravatar image

I will continue to use my Jolla until it simply dies, then I will go for the FP2. Untill I can afford the FP2 I will default to my old N900.

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answered 2016-03-16 19:00:10 +0300

juiceme gravatar image

Nexus 5, as I already have spare one in the cupboard waiting for me to get enough time to finish installing SFOS to it. Currently no hurry since my JOlla works allright and I so like my TOH's

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Yeah so I really like TOH as well, for quite a mundane reason: I have a Quad Lock glued to one of my TOHs so I can attach the phone securely to my bike. That's a good argument for the Fairphone, with its swappable backs..

Conrad ( 2016-03-16 19:12:57 +0300 )edit

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