Multiple editable predictionaries for VKB

asked 2014-01-10 17:52:20 +0300

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updated 2016-08-17 16:31:33 +0300

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I'd like to suggest adding support for multiple predictionaries that can be used simultaneously.

That means that the keyboard layout can be set separately from the language that is used for word prediction and correction.

You can choose e.g. QWERTZ or QWERTY but write in any language you desire. There should be a priority list of languages to check against - a limited one of course because of processing constraints.

You could choose QWERTZ layout but German, English, French predict. for writing.

That way I can also mix all selected languages while writing a sentence.

Some old Nokia Models allowed for that and I think it's the approach BlackBerry 10 OS has implemented.

This is not something the Community can deliver I think and it should be available to all users as a global update.

Additionally there should be an app for editing the predictionaries that allow for adding BUT also removing stock words one never uses. A list of words you can write manually but that never get added to predict would also be nice for swearing etc. ;-)

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BB10 allows to set up to 3 languages that will be predicted concurrently, without having to switch languages. 3 is not enough, however.

pulsar ( 2014-11-27 21:23:26 +0300 )edit

I miss that to, my System is "English" but I write often in "German". And I don't want switch the keyboard layout.

hoschi ( 2015-07-13 14:29:20 +0300 )edit