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In my contacts there are many who have two or more numbers. In the call log view of the telephone application these distinct numbers are indistinguishable as they are all given the same contact name. What is worse is that one case is a number that is own by two of my contacts as a shared land line. This means that it is difficult to know which number is being dialled for one contact from the call log view. This isn't even help in the call dialling screen the contact name all that is given.

A possible solution to the multiple numbers per contact could be to show the contact name and the number type like office, business, mobile, home...

[ NAME : type ]

The shared number would be better if it were given a compound contact name or named from a common attribute of the various owner contacts - family or business name with the addition of a distinguishing attribute like home or office. Or the shared attribute could optionally be given an alias.

[ Friend + Friend ]

Common Attribute
[ Family Name : Home ]

Common Attribute
[ Business Name Ltd. : Office ]

[ Ships Company SS Steamer ]

or even
Alias + Attribute
[ Ships Company SS Steamer : Office ]

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The first half indeed a duplicate, but the second half (and that is the part the title suggests) is IMHO an interesting idea. Many times a company has one central number, not a direct dial to extensions. Thus, if I have multiple contacts from the same company, I'll have that number in multiple contact cards. Presumably with the same "Company" attribute. So, the Jphone could, in theory, fetch all contact cards with the incoming call's number, compare them and display the common attribute (in this case "Company", but indeed it might as well be a "Family Name"). Also it could say there were several (or precisely x ) contact card with the same number, just to inform the user why an unusual callerID is shown.

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