Editing recurring events with unsupported recurrence rule loses recurrence

asked 2016-05-10 10:25:42 +0300

G.Ohrner gravatar image

An event using an occurence rule not supported by the Calendar UI (eg. "last Monday every month") cannot be edited using the Calendar.

If you do, Calendar will ask you if you want to edit the current instance of the event only or the whole series.

If you chose "series", it will reset the recurrence to "only once", and if you do not take care and save this event, your recurring event will be lost. (Only the first instance will remain, without any recurrence information.)

It's clear what happens behind the scenes, but the UI presentation is error prone and might easily lead to data loss - especially if you do not notice the problem immediately and thus "suddenly" and unexpectedly get not reminded about future event instances any more.

Either the UI should block editing of unsupported events at all, or it should clearly warn about the impending information loss.

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