Android app Aillis / LINE Camera cannot save to SD card

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Hello! I thought the latest Sailfish OS update Taalojärvi should have fixed the problem with Android apps not being able to access SD card. Yet the save location for photos taken or edited with Aillis or LINE Camera app cannot be changed. The selection is grayed out, and when tapped it shows an error message "Cannot locate expansion SD card".

The app in question saves taken or edited photos to nemo / android_storage / DCIM / LINECamera (or aillis, depending which version the app is, it keeps changing its name back and forth). And the Gallery can't find these pics, so in order to post through native browser, one should manually locate the file and move it to nemo / Pictures / Camera.

I don't use the original LINE communication app, but this camera app is very versatile for my purposes and supports the usage of own "stickers" to decorate photos, so it's very handy for someone who doesn't wish to pay for deco items. Here's the app website:, and the app on Google Play:

Below screencaps of the error message. Please notice that the Location Info mentioned in the two settings above refer to the location data where the photo was physically shot at.

image description image description

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