"Connect to internet" popup doesn't respond to swipes

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This seems inconsistent with the rest of the UI, and it can be kind of jarring. I've got used to the assumption that everything should close with a swipe from the top (assuming I've set that to be so), or minimise (or close - e.g. ambiances menu) with a swipe from the side. I can't see why this menu needs to behave differently, and I can't think of any other exceptions.

So, to be clear, from homescreen:

Swipe from left edge to get to Events View
Enter 'pulley menu' type thing with settings in
Select 'Connect to internet'

You now cannot swipe to close / minimise, although swiping sideways does close the popup if you swipe in the origin menu rather than the popup.

edit: Of course you can equally think of this 'popup' as being part of its parent menu, but that still doesn't (in my head at least) explain why gestures are disabled. If this were the case you would expect a swipe from the top to open the ambiances menu, and a swipe from the side to take you back to the home screen. If it were me doing it, I'd close the popup and pulley menu in the process (this is consistent with the fact that the pulley menu disappears if you swipe sideways back to the home screen then back again, or open and close the ambiances menu, when it's open).

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There's no option at all to cancel the dialogue, is there? Very annoying! SFOS

Pohli ( 2019-09-18 18:37:18 +0300 )edit