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Time Abstraction Alarms vs Calendars

asked 2014-01-11 03:17:07 +0300

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updated 2014-01-14 22:57:45 +0300

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The calendar should be considered the top level abstraction of time and thus there should be a mechanism to view and set alarms from within the calendar. This should be taken to the extent that meetings and other events can be linked to alarm like alerts which are user configurable.

The user could set a date for a big family meal, for which they're going to bake a big cake. Prior to the meal, they specify an alarm to start the oven pre-heating and a timer which will alert them when to take the cake out of the oven. Thus with the oven pre-heated and the notification acknowledged, the user can put the cake in the oven and start the timer.

Equally elaborate, set the time of a meeting and specify the profile during that meeting.

Or even, manage your profile in work through the calendar. Basically, all time like functionality can be access or viewed from the Calendar and other time like views can take you to the calendar. So that if you set an alarm that might conflict with a pre-existing event you're able to investigate and understand what's going on without having to trade applications ever two or three steps of the way.

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answered 2014-01-14 21:15:21 +0300

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Replacing the alarms with more or less scheduled activities is a good idea, imho. Daily life has a lot of repeats.

But... A third view of the alerts would be another possibility. The first way of viewing the alerts would be the alarm settings. The second is the calendar. The third could be called a timeline, I guess.

Time is simply shown as a line along with a scale of dates and times. The line shows all alerts with slim triangles. Pinching would zoom in to reveal the desired part of the timeline. The level of zoom would also decide what alerts to show. Repeating alarms or activities are displayed connected with faint arches or similar. The timeline could identify conflicts automatically and mark them.

Maybe the timeline could show other things too? Phone conversation logs? Messages? Travel Logs (with photos)? Social stuff? Er... This idea seems to snowball... Try to look at it with sanity, ok?

A simple line showing the alerts and linking them to alarms or calendar events would do.

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