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Jolla accessories? [answered]

asked 2014-01-11 11:32:24 +0300

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updated 2016-08-17 15:17:39 +0300

jiit gravatar image

Hi everybody,

some people can find all kind of equipment in ebay but for the moment jolla doesn't progress in it's store.

It will be interesting to list all equipments that we can find and compatible.

i hope my request will be interesting.

PS sorry for my english

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You can also find many other things on amazon.com ...

There are many accessories like screen protection and covers and so on ;) Check on this site :D

Jingxi ( 2014-01-15 22:09:20 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-01-16 08:02:25 +0300

thx for your answer, i'm looking for an other half with grip because (for i) my other half (the white) is too slippery

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answered 2014-02-04 14:58:44 +0300

Jukka gravatar image

shop.jolla.com how has new options to buy Other Halves.

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Sweet! That was quicker than I expected. :-D I wonder if DNA in Finland sells them through their shops. I might just drop into a shop when passing by one of these days.

avdwoude ( 2014-02-05 15:59:29 +0300 )edit

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