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First of all, thank you Jolla for taking time for translating and including keyboard layouts for some Indian languages including Malayalam in v2.0.2.45.

It looks great for the most part. I just would like to request some change to the Malayalam keyboard layout. May need a supporting font to see the Malayalam letters I am typing in this comment.

  1. There are a few Malayalam letters ( ൊ ഒ ന്‍ ണ്‍ ല്‍ ള്‍ ര്‍ ഋ) in the bottom row of 2nd page of the number keys layout. Those letters are used very often and it is better to move them to the 1st page on number keys layout.

  2. Letter ഒ (O) is on the bottom row of 2nd page of the number keys layout. That is used a lot and should be available as the first key on the bottom row when shift (where എ (A) is now). എ (A) should be moved to the same row 2nd key to be consistent with 1st and second row letters. ൃ (iru) can be moved ഒ is now.

  3. If you decides to agree with my point 1 above and move the Malayalam letters to 1st page of number keys layout, I just wanted to also mention that the currency symbols ($, ₹, etc) keys are also used very often and would prefer to keep it on the 1st page of number keys layout. There are a lot of other symbols on the number keys first page that is not really used that often, which could be moved to the bottom row on the second page.

  4. This maybe true for other Indian keyboard layouts as well. I am not sure.

This will make the keyboard consistent with the iOS keyboard and most Android keyboard layout, making it easier for people to type.

Thanks again for your hard work in translating to Indian languages and good luck in India.

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Thank you very much for your comments!! They are truly valuable to us! We will look into this matter and come back with a new suggestion.

jahonen ( 2016-06-20 08:38:30 +0300 )edit

Hi again,

Here's a new suggestion for the Malayalam keyboard layout. I hope I implemented your suggestions in the correct way. Please check this out and give your countercomments. Thank you!

Malayalam shifted
ഔ ഐ ആ ഈ ഊ ഭ ങ ഘ ധ ഝ ഢ
ഓ ഏ അ ഇ ഉ ഫ റ ഖ ഥ ഛ ഠ
⇑ ഒ എ ണ ഞ ഴ ള ശ ഷ ⇐
?123 . । ? ↵

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 %
+ - = ‘ ; : / € £ $ ₹
⇑ ൊ ൃ ന്‍ ണ്‍ ല്‍ ള്‍ ര്‍ ഋ ⇐

അഇ   .  ,                           !   ↵

Symbols shifted
൧ ൨ ൩ ൪ ൫ ൬ ൭ ൮ ൯ ൦ ‰
* _ # " & § \ @ ॥ ॰ ഃ
⇑ < > « » ( ) { } ⇐

അഇ   .  ,                           !   ↵

I hope you are able to read the tables. At least the order is the same as on the original file.

As for other Indic keyboard layouts, they are all a bit different due to the amount of charactes per script / language, but so far we have not received any feedback.



jahonen ( 2016-06-29 08:38:32 +0300 )edit

Thank you for your prompt update to the request. I think everything looks pretty good, but still can be improved.

To make your life easier, I took a copy of the version of qml and applied the following changes:

  1. ൌ (0D4C) changed to ൗ (0D57) because the ൌ is older form and is not used much. It can be created by combining െ (0D46) and ൗ (0D57) if needed. Also added ൌ key on SymView page.
  2. Added shifted letters as accents also. This will make it easier by not having to turn shift on/off to type characters, making typing faster. It would be nice if we can reduce the font size/width for accented characters, so it won't overlap and look ugly.
  3. Added missing character ഌ (0D0C) to SymView 2nd row. It is used sometimes.
  4. Added missing chilly ൿ (0D7F) which is also only used sometimes, but needed. Added to SymView 3rd row.
  5. Moved extra Malayalam characters from SymView2 to SymView 2nd row, just to keep them all together. So no characters except Malayalam digits are left on SymView2.
  6. I left the Currency keys in SymView2 row 3 as it was in the original layout. It is not really a big deal.

I think that's all the changes that I made to the layout.

Also, replaced the Lohit-malayalam.ttf with Meera.ttf in /usr/share/fonts. The Meera.ttf is included with Alien runtime and is public domain font. It seems to be displaying the characters much better. Lohit is not displaying some charaters correctly. Font size is smaller, so it displays much better on keyboard. It seems to be too small on launcher icon labels, I don't know if that can be adjusted.

I also see a few typos and mistakes in the Malayalam translation. If you like, I can document them and let you know or wait until, community is allowed to update it and I can help fix them.

Here is modified version (just suggestion) of the qml file file that came with You may use it or discard it. :-)


Thanks for the help.

AbyZThomas ( 2016-06-30 07:26:11 +0300 )edit

Hi again,

Thank you very much for your feedback and the corrected layout suggestion. We will look into this and come back to you if we have any questions or concerns. Regarding the typos and mistakes in translations, it's better to wait till Indic languages are published in the Community Pootle. It will be easier to do the needed correction suggestions directly in the tool.



jahonen ( 2016-06-30 08:12:04 +0300 )edit