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asked 2016-07-12 23:01:54 +0300

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updated 2018-12-03 20:57:56 +0300

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I recently notice that I have some problem with my fruux account. I can push the new contact, but not download the new one. The calendar doesn't appear anymore in the choice of the calendar applet. caldav and carddav are both turn on. When I make the synchronization on the calendar the events appears 1 sec and disappears. It looks like it is coming from sailfish, because I can push easily. Thanks

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I recognize problems using my fuux account as well. I'm was using the calendar and it doesn't appear in the choice of the calendar applet anymore (It appears for ~0.5s and disappears again). I read that this behaviour was solved for one user after a reset to the factory settings but it didn't work vor me. Is there any solution out there I didn't find?

Another issue is that I'm not able to restore my backup I made directly before the factory reset using the latest Sailfish upgrade ( I restored my contacts using the file all.vcf but no solution found for accounts or other restoring in general.

Volker ( 2016-10-31 12:18:22 +0300 )edit