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SSH mer connection problem on OS X [answered]

asked 2016-07-18 14:02:50 +0200

zobninatn gravatar image

updated 2018-12-03 20:51:31 +0200

Tanghus gravatar image

Hi. Im trying to launch mer in sailfishOS IDE on OS X, but than catch a error "ssh connection time out" I have tried change connection time to 100sec but that just change error to "remote server closed the connection"

Please, give any advises or suggestionw how to fix it

also this message looks strange: image

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answered 2016-07-18 14:50:20 +0200

DaveRo gravatar image

I'm not on Mac, but when I installed the SDK recently on Linux, and installed vitualbox for the first time, I got the same problem. When I started virtualbox separately it warned me I had to be in vboxusers (or something similar) group. Once I did that I could connect from the SDK.

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