JollaC stuck on 2G

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hi i've noticed that not only does 4G not work as it should, and as we all have seen. on my phone with Telia in Sweden, it reverts back to 2G from 3G and is stuck there. only way to get ig back is to reboot the phone. not even flight mode toggling helps. anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT - 1

Facing almost the same issue with my Aqua Fish[] in India for the past 2-3 weeks. I only get 2g and the phone never tries for 3g or more. Even reboot doesn't help it get 3g or 4g.

EDIT - 2

Using now. Still facing the same issue. Phone starts in 3g. If I go to an area with only 2g, the phone switches to 2g and when I'm back at a place with 3g/4g signal, it doesn't pick up that and stays in 2g even if I toggle between the different modes(prefer 4g, 3g) or use airplane mode.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Be in an area with both 2g and 3g/4g signal.

  2. Make sure the phone in getting 3g/4g.

  3. Switch to 2g. The phone should show 2g signal.

  4. Wait for 1-2 mins.

  5. Switch back to prefer 4g/3g.

Expected: The phone should switch back to 4g/3g.

Result: The phone stays at 2g.

Reboot rarely solves the issue.

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duplicate of:


which bands are used in your country?

dmnk ( 2016-07-20 11:51:26 +0300 )edit

hi no, its not a duplicate. if it was regarding to LTE it would be, but it drops off 3G after a while of usage. So not a band problem.

Swl ( 2016-07-20 12:04:30 +0300 )edit

Hej. I have both Tele2 SIM and Telia SIM in my Jolla C. I have also noticed this behavior. If I switch net manually from the Mobile Data menu I can force it to 3G again without rebooting. But it happends again after a short period of time.. For Tele2 it seems that the phone chooses a weaker net (Telenor) after a while. Maybe I loose reception on Tele2 for a while. For it to get back to Tele2 again I have to do it manually. For Telia there's only one net available at my location. If I do the same procedure by manually choosing net or toggling flight mode it gets back to 3G. Sometimes I have to reboot the phone as it cannot connect to the net at all. Seems to be happening with Telia alot.

speactra ( 2016-07-20 12:44:44 +0300 )edit

So, seems the update to from have made a difference? Not sure how, but now i'm at least stable on 3G since the update it seems. @speactra did you see the same change?

Swl ( 2016-07-28 18:53:43 +0300 )edit

@Swl: I'm on atm, but there's no difference from before as far as I can tell. Still 2G most of the time.

speactra ( 2016-07-28 20:51:11 +0300 )edit