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Problems with recovery mode/factory setting

asked 2016-07-21 02:14:35 +0200

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updated 2016-07-21 14:28:13 +0200

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I'm experiencing some problems with recovery mode. One day my Jolla suddenly shut down and when I'm trying to turn it on, it only loads to Jolla logo and then gets stuck. I successfully recovered all my important data to my computer (ubuntu), but running option #1 Reset device to factory state isn't working as expected. I have tried everything several times and everything should be okay. I'm following instructions found here (

The following command gives me error message "Segmentation fault":

mount -t btrfs -o skip_balance /dev/mmcblk0p28 /mnt/

However, I can still continue and enter the rest of the commands to my terminal. Problem appears when I'm running option #1 as instructed. This is what happens:

ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED! Clears everything from the device and reverts the software back to factory state. This means LOSING EVERYTHING you have added to the device (e.g. updates, apps, accounts, contacts, photos and other media). Are you really SURE? [y/N] y[CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Mounting /dev/mmcblk0p28 on /mnt Segmentation fault [ERROR] Can't mount '/dev/mmcblk0p28' to '/mnt' [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Connection closed by foreign host

I have tried out everything I could come up with, but I don't know how to fix the problem. Any ideas or knowledge?

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answered 2016-07-22 14:33:41 +0200

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updated 2016-07-23 09:28:29 +0200


I have almost the same problem, sudden shutdown > reboot loop and so on, but in my case factory reset stuck at: .... Restoring factory subvolumes... Create a snapshot of '/mnt/factory-@' in '/mnt/@' <stuck at="" here<="" p=""> </stuck>

BTW, I'm using Jolla Recovery v0.3.1

Hopefully some one can help with this issue.


Finally got it back to alive!

  1. enter to recovery mode and select 4.Shell
  2. run command: btrfs check --repair /dev/mmcblk0p28
  3. Start recovery mode again: /usr/bin/recovery-menu
  4. Select 1.Reset device to Factory State
  5. wait and follow instructions

Output: ........... Recovery procedure terminated SUCCESSFULLY! Now cleaning up... [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Umounting /mnt [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. [DONE] DEVICE RECOVERED! [Enter], this connection will be interrupted and you won't be able to interact with this screen anymore. If you wish to use the recovery tool again, switch off the phone and boot it to recovery mode again (VolDown + Power keys). Press [Enter] to reboot the phone... Rebooting...

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Dear all,

I am also with a jolla phone not willing to restart.

Not being able to upgrade to the latest sailfish OS, I thought that making a balance by the following could be useful: btrfs bal start -dusage=5 / (according to this tutorial ).

Recovery according the above suggestions block at step 2 (telnet becomes irresponsive). When trying to go directly to step 3, it freezes when trying to mount /mnt:

Are you really SURE? [y/N] y [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Mounting /dev/mmcblk0p28 on /mnt

Thanks for any advice to recover as I do not want to loose my dear phone...

Cheers, Jota

Jota ( 2016-12-15 22:57:57 +0200 )edit
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