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Lowest part of touchscreen suddenly stopped working on my jolla

asked 2016-07-27 16:19:35 +0200

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updated 2016-07-27 16:46:19 +0200

Yesterday I was playing GTA 3 on my phone, when suddenly all input frozen (buttons which were pressed when this happened stayed pressed), touch screen didn't respond to any input, even on swipes to close or put app in background. I restarted my phone, and after it booted up touch screen started to work again, but lowest part of it isn't working anymore, and by the lowest part I mean the lowest horizontal line of it - I still can input anything from on screen keyboard, but in android apps in portrait or album orientation when the front camera is in my left hand android control buttons isn't working, but if there is some buttons right next to them they are pressed instead, like there is some displacement. If the phone is in album orientation with the front camera in my right hand android control buttons work like normal, but if there is some buttons on the most left part of the screen (bottom of the phone in portrait orientation) they are not working. Also, if I slowly swipe down in apps menu of the phone when I reach the lowest part of the screen (but still on screen) menu goes to next page, like I moved my finger away from the screen.

This really looks like hardware failure, but It happened very suddenly, with no premise, so I think this still can be a software fault. Is there anything I can do about this situation, maybe there is some sort of touchscreen calibration option? I tried reinstalling android support, but it didn't help. Also, my SFOS version is

Edit: right after I posted this question I tried to run csd tool, launched touch screen self-test, and after a few second it sayed PASS. I tried to tap android control buttons again and it worked - whole touch screen was working. I started to write an answer to this question but suddenly touch screen stopped wotking at all. I restarted the phone - touchscreen still wasn't working. I took out the battery, waited for a minute and and then tried to boot my phone again - touchscreen started to work again, but now even bigger part of it stopped working. I tried to run touch screen self-test again, and now it says FAIL, bottom part isn't working.

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Okay, I was dealing with this issue for a months now, I did even get used to it, but two days ago another horizontal line of touch screen stopped working, slightly lower than center of the screen. Looks like I'll be buying new phone, which is sad, because I don't see any alternatives for this phone, I really like it.

Also, something to add: this seems to be hardware issue. There are 3 ways for this to happen:

1) Bad contact between capacitive layers of the touch screen and flex cable. This scenario seems as the most possible. Nearly impossible to repair - to fix this, one must disassemble lcd module (touch screen is glued to lcd using special optical glue), extract touch screen flex cable (it is glued to touch screen using capacitive glue), clean whole lcd assembly parts of old glue and then glue all of this back together.

2) Bad contact between touch screen driver ic and touch screen flex cable. Also possible, but less likely, because this part is flexible and doesn't move around. This is much easier to fix, but one still need special soldering equipment to do this. Basically, one need to remove compound from the sides of touch screen driver ic, desolder this ic from flex cable and solder it back.

3) Faulty touch screen driver ic. Same as number 2 - also possible, but less likely. To fix this you need to replace this ic to another one, but I don't really know where its firmware is stored (in the main flash chip or in the touch screen driver ic itself). If it's stored in main flash ic, then you just need to replace it to a new one, if it's stored in touch screen driver ic itself, then you can replace it to one from another jolla phone only.

Also, there is a possibilty, that touch screen driver firmware causing this issue, but I didn't found any methods to reflash it.

Are there any places where spare parts can be bought for jolla phone?

ClickCLK ( 2016-09-01 09:10:43 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-07-28 13:58:20 +0200

rjs gravatar image

I've the same problem. Suddenly, after a SFOS update (don't know it this is related), the lowest half-centimeter of the touch-screen isn't responsive to tap. csd show fail when checking touch controller.

If somebody have an idea of the true nature of the problem, or a command line to check the origin of the problem...

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I have the same problem, but not related to updates, I think it is more about overheating hardware problem...

shults ( 2016-07-31 10:10:55 +0200 )edit
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