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asked 2016-08-02 19:17:56 +0200

b_st1 gravatar image

Hi, this is my first time asking an official question. I am new to Sailfishos but i have been curious for alternative platforms, whether on desktop or mobile. For now 2-3 years i have been using Android on my main Phone, but constantly watching and trying others. Like FirefoxOS or Ubuntu Touch. Before Android i had been an happy iOS user, with an big but. I didnt like that it hadn't been easy to develop a little app and deploy only on my personal device. I can remember seeing OpenMoko as my smartphone plattform, had been following webOS. To give a little background. At work i "must" develop backend applications based on Java, so for fun i would like to try some other languages. But i seem not to be getting warm with either c/c++ or python.

Now to my question, i tried to use Swift using on my Jolla phone using the binaries from, hoping it would work. Does someone has tried to run swift on her/his phone or recommendation for another language with better support? Is a broader support planned or even possible with QT/QML?

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thanks, i had stopped following the discussion concerning go in 2015, but missed that because i only did run sailfish for short period on my now sold oneplus. Now i have to make the decision if i start learning swift or go. Hmm, good that my vacation is coming ^^

b_st1 ( 2016-08-02 19:58:00 +0200 )edit

how about pascal (delphi - objective pascal):

lpr ( 2016-08-02 19:59:03 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-08-02 19:36:17 +0200

tortoisedoc gravatar image

updated 2016-08-02 19:36:37 +0200

For running it should not be a problem;

remember, this is basic linux.

you wont have the qt bindings tho so you will only be able to run strictly non-qml stuff; if bindings are available (perhaps you could make them?), depending on how detailed they integrate generic QML or Silica (SFOS QML )components might be available.

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thats what i thought. basic linux with similarities to redhat/SuSE because of rpm packages...

it just tried the compiled swift binary for arm/linux from above mentioned url, i still get following error message:

./swift: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I extracted the arm-swift-package and moved to the usr/bin directory. I tried to find if sailfish os includes, but i couldn't find it.

My idea is to use swift as rest service with simple QML/JavaScript UI, could be an option.

I am also open, if Rust or Go would be possible or elixir :-) Just can't find links or thread with solutions only questions. :-( Would be nice to have an alternative to c or python for faster running backend code with JavaScript UI glue.

b_st1 ( 2016-08-02 19:51:23 +0200 )edit

libedit seems to be available in the repos. (possibly need to "ssu ar mer-tools", not sure) I have compiled erlang from source on my J1, no issues there.. just needed to install a few packages to get all the functionality to work.

attah ( 2016-08-02 20:45:50 +0200 )edit

that sound like a route i will take first. Try if i can make swift compile. If not i will look in other options. Just want to learn/use a language i can use also in other places.

b_st1 ( 2016-08-02 20:56:43 +0200 )edit

i have gotten a bit further. i had to

ln -s

now i can use

./swift test.swift

to run the file. Compile still not working, but i get the same failure on my Raspberry, so it isn't SailfishOS-specific. Should find a solution.

b_st1 ( 2016-08-02 22:12:28 +0200 )edit
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