[bug?] Shortcut menu scrolls when dual sim and android support

asked 2016-08-04 08:14:57 +0300

utkarsh gravatar image

Yesterday I finally started using Aqua Fish as my main phone and I put my second sim in it as well. In the settings part of the event view I have 2 rows of icons for airplane mode, wifi, data, torch, gps, bluetooth and orientation. After the brightness setting I have the android support shortcut. After putting the second sim I also get options to choose a main sim at the top. Now from the home view I swipe left to the event view and swipe down for the shortcut menu. The thing is, when I swipe down to go back to the event view the shortcut menu scrolls for like 5px and doesn't go to the event view directly. I have to swipe down again to go to the events view.

It should not scroll such small amount and should go to the events view on the down swipe.

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