Glitches in arranging / deleting apps [not relevant]

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Edit Jul 22 2014: I decided to close this old question. Some of the requested things have been released; the remaining ones can be voted for in this new question.

When arranging or deleting apps in the launcher ”edit mode” (entered by a tap-and-hold), I have noticed the following glitches. (Edit 29th April: updated to represent the situation in Some issues fixed, some remaining.)

  • When tapping and holding to enter the edit mode on your last page of apps (if it has one or more empty rows in the bottom), the view of the app grid jumps to different position (so that the last apps in your grid are on the bottom row). This is probably expected behavior (so that you see more icons after entering the edit mode), but I don’t think it’s good. When you want to delete or move an app, you probably do the long press on that particular icon and expect it to be under your finger after entering the edit mode. The view position should stay as it is.

Capture 1: before tap-and-hold image description

Capture 2: after tap-and-hold image description

  • When dragging an app to a different position, there’s a delay before the icon ”sticks to your finger” to be dragged around. If you start moving your finger too soon, the icon still comes along, but ”drags behind”; i.e. it is not right under your finger but offset in some direction (by even as much as two grid rows). Hard to explain; try it out. I think the best way would be that once an icon/app is "picked up", it should jump to a position just a bit above your finger and follow your finger there, so that you can see what you are moving.

  • When an app is deleted and after the remorse time has elapsed, the icon doesn’t disappear immediately, but after a delay of few seconds. Makes me briefly wonder ”was it deleted or not”? The icon should disappear immediately or at least grey out immediately (fade out, maybe)? (Edit, Improved now, as a progress indicator is displayed after the remorse timer has run out; still, after that the icon comes back for a moment before disappearing, which I think is not necessary.)

  • Deleting several apps in succession. If you tap the cross on app A to delete it and then tap the cross on app B while the remorse timer for app A is still going, this first timer is replaced by the one for app B. So you can't cancel the the deletion of app A anymore, but its remorse timer seems to be still going (just not visible), as it takes some time for app A to disappear. Possible fixes: 1) show several timers for different apps at the same time; 2) delete app A immediately when you perform the next delete action. (Edit, Seems to be fixed the way described in option 2.)

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Possible related bug: I'm not sure, but I think I've managed to delete multiple applications at the same time. It has happened to me twice actually.. Can't recall what I did exactly, but both times I think I removed the last app from the last page, and after the deletion two app icons were gone instead of one.

BirchFish ( 2014-02-12 18:12:11 +0300 )edit

Sometimes when deleting and re-arranging apps two icons are left on top of each other. After Long-press to get to back to re-arrange mode you can move the top icon away and set it to its correct place. This has happened several times but I don't mess with my icons very often so doesn't bother me much.

hetas ( 2014-04-30 20:27:10 +0300 )edit