Wifi support for android apps

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I bought my intex aqua fish couple of days ago, and its working smoothly. Almost all the android apps i need are installed and working like a charm :) .

But there is no way to use ShareIt, Xender to transfer files between phones. I successfully did it with PC, but can't find a way to do it with phones. Some says, android apps doesn't have WiFi access, is it coming any soon??

Also can't send any files other than photos and videos through BT, no such option in file browser.

Some requests I would like to make to the Sailfish team are listed below...

  1. Give WiFi access to android apps.
  2. Improve the capabilities of file browser to send files through BT.
  3. Just like unlocking the device, double tapping the home screen shall lock the device.
  4. Maze/pattern lock, gesture lock, etc
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Which file manager do you use that gives no option to send pictures and videos through BT? Filecase and filetug both send pictures video and a host of other files through BT, there are still some limitations that need be removed though making parts of your thread duplicates. The maze lock isn't yet available through the phone's settings but maze lock is available on openrepos.net

DameCENO ( 2016-08-11 14:40:40 +0300 )edit

Thanks for the reply, but I am afraid that you misheard me. Images and videos can be transferred, but not others.

There may be some way to solve these probs for geeks, but we all wish to see it on our Ship out of the port itself.

There is a lot of improvements that can happen to the OS, we just have started our journey now :).


ajisht2 ( 2016-08-11 16:48:06 +0300 )edit

yes indeed

DameCENO ( 2016-08-12 14:54:15 +0300 )edit