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here maps: export -> here WeGo: import saved locations

asked 2016-08-14 01:11:20 +0300

fl0rp gravatar image

updated 2016-08-15 00:58:19 +0300

I have a Jolla 1 and stored lots of locations in the native (here) maps app. Recently I purchased an Intex Aqua Fish, which comes with the (Android) here WeGo app. I would like to be able to get my saved locations from the Jolla 1 to my Aqua Fish.

Has anybody done this yet? It would obviously nice if there were import/export features in both apps, but I get that this is bit of a corner case.

I recall that the native (here) maps app stored the locations in an sqlite database, so the data can be fetched.

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A detailed blog how you can export from here: http://sforsuresh.in/exporting-favourite-places-map-importing-google-map/

K Suresh ( 2017-10-18 14:03:55 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-08-14 09:39:29 +0300

DirkH gravatar image

Here Maps stores your favourite locations also on their server. So if you log in with your e-mail and password your favorite locations should be there... You can try if you log in to their website and look for your stored locations (favorites): link text

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In native Here Maps on Sailfish (Jolla 1 and Tablet), it's not possible to create or login Here account...

pasik ( 2016-08-14 10:30:57 +0300 )edit

I agree with @pasik: no, you can't do it in thr native Jolla Map app

palikao ( 2016-08-14 10:46:57 +0300 )edit

You are all right, @DirkH probably didn't read the text with too much attention to the native part because the topic said Here Maps (android) and not the (native) Maps which uses online maps from Here.

avhakola ( 2016-08-14 13:46:51 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-08-15 00:55:55 +0300

fl0rp gravatar image

Unfortunately neither from inside the Android app, nor through https://wego.here.com it is currently possible to import anything except from one's old Nokia collections (= set of locations in HERE terminology). Also the provided APIs (https://developer.here.com/) do not yet include endpoints for imports. On their blog they commented that imports are considered something for future development. Once importing is implemented, it's easy enough to write a script that fetches the locations from the sailfish here maps sqlite database and spits them into e.g. a .gpx file, which in turn can be imported. Until then, it appears to me that re-entering the locations into here wego manually is the way to go. :(

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answered 2017-09-25 11:49:12 +0300

K Suresh gravatar image

updated 2017-10-18 14:03:15 +0300

A detailed blog, how you can export data from Here map: http://sforsuresh.in/exporting-favourite-places-map-importing-google-map/

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Thanks for the elaborate blog article, k-suresh! It doesn't tackle the initial problem, of getting the data off the Jolla 1, though. The native here maps app only stored the placemarks locally. Even if exported from the local sqlite database, I'd still want to import the data into here - not export to google. Nonetheless - i think you're article is helpful.

fl0rp ( 2017-10-26 00:56:26 +0300 )edit
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