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What app would you pay 10euro for?

asked 2016-08-23 22:58:57 +0200

ApB gravatar image

updated 2016-11-08 03:49:59 +0200

DarkTuring gravatar image

August is a lazy month so lets make a poll of some sort.

You get to have one native app that you will pay 10 euros (or the equivalent in your local currency) for. What is it.


One answer per person and only one app.

Must be something not having to do with the core os.

Separate answers so others can upvote/downvote.

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For those willing to chip in for app development, a place like Bountysource could be suitable to show that interest: How to post a Bounty

luen ( 2016-08-29 23:27:50 +0200 )edit

@ApB added a couple useful tags, hope thats ok.

DarkTuring ( 2016-11-08 03:50:49 +0200 )edit

Interesting poll. Looking to the (far) future it may even be that native apps (on Android, iOS and Windows) will lose importance and be replaced by so called "progressive web apps": Native Apps are Doomed

Progressive web apps will strengthen Sailfish OS as more and more companies will start to provide browser-based applications instead of native. This may sound like utopia to you now, but the process has already started. So it seems that an awesome (native!) browser will be the most important app for the future of Sailfish OS. The linked article is a good starting point to create your first progressive web app (don't forget to test it on Sailfish OS!). Or try out some progressive web apps now:

StaticNoiseLog ( 2016-11-17 12:47:10 +0200 )edit

I think this should be a Wiki post.

magullo ( 2018-03-29 16:48:03 +0200 )edit

This is other thing than paying. Jolla should give an alternative method (i.e connmanctl) to be used e.g. with Situations app in addition to totally block connmanctl in e.g. Situations for wifi, bt and flight mode. Thus we as users could choose with our own risks. Let me say, this should be worth 10 euros or a pint of beer.

N9Sailfish ( 2018-10-12 15:43:05 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-09-04 03:43:47 +0200

Lacrimosa gravatar image

A native Snapchat app. I've been using Android since I cracked my Jolla's screen, and it's my most used Android app that doesn't have a native Sailfish OS alternative.

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answered 2016-11-08 15:10:00 +0200

BirdZhang gravatar image

I'd even pay much more for a native and stable Wechat

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answered 2016-11-21 20:03:38 +0200

yani gravatar image

New supported official youtube app, or continuing the old one.

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you meant ytplayer? there are new versions on openrepos.

mettska ( 2018-03-29 11:17:24 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-11-24 13:04:22 +0200

shubell gravatar image

Calendar Home Widget

The default n900 email widget

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I cannot even list how many important events I missed because Jolla reminds me only of today's events. Birthdays, MOT (vehicle technical checks), insurance renewals, you name it. A configurable widget to remind you a few days ahead and keep reminding you until the D-day would be a great boon.

pichlo ( 2016-11-25 16:10:21 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-03-28 01:56:38 +0200

PizzaProgram gravatar image

An RDP client app, so we can manage our windows workstations and servers remotely (through OpenVPN) and don'T need to carry our laptop with us.
I would pay minimum 25Eur.

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answered 2018-03-29 16:24:14 +0200

DameCENO gravatar image

I'll part with more than 10 Euros for a native MXPlayer or something as efficient as it. LLs Vplayer is a decent player but lacks alot of features MXPlayer has especially the ability to swipe within the app for various functionalities. Kodi is just amazing and would be it for me if the 2 major bugs it has could be fixed, namely starting every file with the max volume which could be very dangerous when you use earphones such as Airpods ; and also the fact that the display dims after a few seconds making it unusable. Getting a decent video player for me could mean walking away from Alien Dalvik

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I totally agree.

figgis-diggis ( 2018-10-09 07:23:25 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-09-16 21:28:03 +0200

WT.Sane gravatar image

10€ just for the OS itself plus 10 for native Signal

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Count me in. +1

kokolomoj ( 2018-09-17 14:31:02 +0200 )edit

answered 2016-11-08 05:04:34 +0200

Oleg gravatar image

ICQ(chat, voice...)

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answered 2016-11-08 13:52:23 +0200

cemoi71 gravatar image

A Phone Webmanager OTA(Over The Air) or Usb too manage many functions Contact phone calender sms, etc... Like Airdroid do.

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answered 2016-11-09 05:00:41 +0200

sa1l0 gravatar image

sailfish os(also for other mobile, pc os, other soft) translation app

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TAO translator?

nthn ( 2016-11-09 10:37:47 +0200 )edit
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