Ringtone-Around-the-World harvest [not relevant]

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It is time to start collecting sounds from all around the World. For information about the R.A.W. collection please have a look the following links.



  • Make an answer for each new sound. Comment on the sounds but do not debate sounds with answers. If you love or hate the sound then comment on it. Do not make wiki answers because you, the maker of the sound, have worked hard to record or create the sound and should be rewarded accordingly. Authors may add more than one sound but each sound should have a separate answer. Only one sound per answer. Is that clear?

  • The format of the sound file must be playable by Sailfish devices. Not much sense in creating a sound that a Sailfish device cannot play back, is there? The sounds should be in stereo for a richer experience.

  • The sound needs to have a name. Check the other sounds to avoid duplicates. The name should be easy to link to the sound. So rooster wake up or atmospheric retardation should sound accordingly. Feel free to add information about the sound. Where it was recorded. How it was processed. ...or created.

  • Specify if the sound is short (less than 3 seconds) or long (between 3 and 30 seconds). ...or simply state the duration of the sound in seconds. Sounds longer than 30 seconds are not allowed.

  • State the license used for the sound file. Creative Commons are recommended.

  • Provide a link to the sound file. That link needs to be accessible during the harvest period, but may be removed once the R.A.W. collection has been completed. Please download the sounds, comment on them and vote for the ones you like.

  • The harvest period ends on the last day of september. Make sure your sound has been added as an answer well before that date.

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