[Bug] 'Quick call' from call log omits country code when roaming

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  • User has 'Quick Call' enabled; makes and receives phone calls while in SIM card's home country
  • User travels abroad (roaming) and wants to use quick call to call a persom from the call log


  • User expects the phone to call the selected contact from the call log


  • Phone calls the person from the call log but omits the country code in the phone number (e.g. +49) although the phone number is stored in the people app including the country code. So for example, taking a German SIM scenario, instead of dialling +491xxxxxxxxxx the phone reverts to 01xxxxxxxxxxxx, which will lead to a voice saying "The number you have dialled is not correct etc.". This happens regardless of whether the last interaction with the person in the call log was an incoming or outgoing call.

Solution when experiencing the bug

  • When roaming, go to People App, select contact to call and initiate call from there. From that point onwards, you can also select the contact from the call log and the phone will include the country code when calling the contact again.

Hardware: Jolla 1

Software: Sailfish OS (Taalojarvi)

I experienced this in various EU countries but I guess the bug has nothing to do with where exactly one is roaming.

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This is easy to explain but hard to fix. Whether the incoming caller's number is shown with or without the country code seems completely random. It does not even depend on your provider, at least not in my experience (3, UK). I've even had two consecutive calls from the same number, one shown with and one without the country code.

The phone can do some heuristics and guess the appropriate contact, even in cases like the contact is stored without the country prefix but the caller's ID is shown with it or vise-versa. But the number stored in the call log is the number that your operator gave you at the time of the call. This is IMO the correct behaviour: the call log should not lie or make up things.

If the number in the call log does not have the country prefix and you find yourself in a situation when you need it, then you may have a problem as you describe. I do not see an easy solution. Should the phone make up the country code? Based on what? The heuristic guess it made to match the contact with the number? But that guess may have been wrong!

The only potential solution I can see is figuring out what country you are in at the time of receiving a call. If the incoming call does not contain a country code, make a wild assumption that it originates in the same country and add the country code. So if I take my UK SIM to Germany and receive a call from 01xxxx..., the number stored in the call log would be +491xxxx... If I receive the same call at home, the logged number would be +441xxxx... In both cases the assumption is that incoming calls without a country code must originate from the country I am in. Is it a correct assumption? I don't know...

pichlo ( 2016-09-04 19:06:02 +0200 )edit