email: call sender or recipients directly from mail

asked 2014-01-13 17:44:12 +0300

Patrizio Bruno gravatar image

updated 2014-07-25 13:35:51 +0300

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I wish I could open contact info and call contacts directly from mail view interface, as in Messages app.

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@VDVsx it's not a duplicate. Maybe the three should go under the same question... It's not as easy as it should to find already existing questions...

Patrizio Bruno ( 2014-01-14 10:17:17 +0300 )edit

@Patrizio Bruno - So you mean for a email address/phone number inside the email body or what ?

VDVsx ( 2014-01-28 13:40:20 +0300 )edit

@VDVsx - Am I fussy if I respond "everywhere"? :)

Patrizio Bruno ( 2014-01-28 13:49:53 +0300 )edit

So what's the difference to the two I mentioned above ? What else is missing ? only handles the message view and the other the Email info view.

VDVsx ( 2014-01-28 14:00:39 +0300 )edit