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SD btrfs for Aurajoki

asked 2016-09-09 23:50:52 +0200

gfwp gravatar image

updated 2018-02-04 01:48:08 +0200

prometheos de+it gravatar image

Does the aurajoki full support large btrfs formatted SD (128GB) as the previous versions? 2.0.1 is actually sooo good... that I may wait a little...


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Yes, the is very good, I would say "best SailfishOS version" since it was born! I had no problems with a 128GB btrfs sd card, it was still configured before and in use in my Jolla phone. After upgrade to it works like before. has some nice new features and also bugs. If you can wait until 2.0.4.xx, you better wait and do not waste time with updating and problem fixing. It feels to me like a beta version, back to the beginning.

jolladiho ( 2016-09-10 11:25:01 +0200 )edit

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answered 2016-09-10 00:10:46 +0200

Kromonos gravatar image

updated 2016-09-10 00:11:10 +0200

Yes, it works, but you need to create the filesystem without extref. Directly on your jolla:

mkfs.btrfs -f -O ^extref -L Jolla /dev/mmcblk1p1

I had problems with mounting on reboot. It tooks a long time with a 32GB. Don't know why. So I did a format with ext4

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answered 2016-09-21 08:04:20 +0200

Ashwin gravatar image

Why do get "bash: mkfs.btrfs: command not found" in Am i missing something here?!

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Maybe you need root access. Did you make "devel-su" ?

fblm ( 2016-09-21 11:26:02 +0200 )edit

JollaC? There is no btrfs support! You can install btrfs-tools but without kernel modules you cannot do anything with it. @Jolla: Please give us the kernel module for using btrfs on SDs.

cy8aer ( 2016-09-21 11:26:48 +0200 )edit

I checked. There's no mkfs.btrfs. So you need to create the filesystem on a linux box. But I think you do can use the btrfs formated sdcard on a JollaC.

fblm ( 2016-09-21 14:03:59 +0200 )edit

I was wrong with my statement above, sorry ... Some users trying to use btrfs under JollaC confirmed that it's not possible. Check out the related threads !

fblm ( 2016-09-21 14:27:09 +0200 )edit

Are the kernel sources available already so we could build the btrfs module ourselves? Do we have to request a DVD again?

raimue ( 2016-09-23 10:59:07 +0200 )edit
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