JollaC outside of 3g land (germany): Portugal

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Just a short report of my time in portugal with the JollaC. I used a local SIM as second card with 4g and 3GB for 15€ and let my german prepaid card in slot 1 for receiving calls. The device was always on, osmand~ running the whole time, used it for some pictures/videos, music, gpodder, local phone calls. There was sun. Sun. Readable display! And at evening's charging time I had no battery with less than 55%.

Of course there was 4g everywhere (german prepaid providers: shame on you). So I guess 4g is the best solution for saving battery if the provider has a proper 4g net (though NOS seems to be the smallest provider according to this: and there is no permanent 2g/3g/4g switching.

Back to germany: 3g again (O2+) and the battery drains faster without a navi and other stuff.


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nice report thanks. But you have to keep in mind that telefonica (o2/e+) is currently working on integrating their networks, so trouble can be expected :) furthermore, as 3G is typically on a higher frequency than 3G (at least in the case of o2 germany it's 2100MHz 3G and mostly 800MHz 4G), due to physics 3g simply has less coverage than 4g and requires more transmitting power for the same penetration of buildings

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