Native google talk possible improvement

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Having native google talk and merged with sms is a revolution (just for me, I know) and I appreciate that a lot. Nevertheless, I see a couple of improvement that would be great IMHO.

1st: when we communicate through the online gtalk (or hangout) website, what we write is not reported on the phone, this is a pity because what my friend answers is reported on the phone. So I miss the full conversation on the phone, I just get what he/she said...

2nd: still in the same idea, when I read the message of my friend through the website, it would be great if the message could turn "read" on the phone, no more LED alert etc...

I think this could be great because I often switch from phone (home) to website (work) and I know that on the dedicated app on my former OS these two options were available so I guess this is something possible, what do you think?

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There is already this question . It is more general as it contains Facebook as well, but they both use underlying XMPP anyway.

Hess ( 2014-01-13 23:37:59 +0300 )edit