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Aurajoki downgrade brick phone

asked 2016-09-13 13:34:34 +0300

karloff gravatar image

updated 2016-09-13 13:35:43 +0300

Hey guys yesterday i try to downgrade my Jolla Phone (not C) back zu
Aurajoki make a bit problems, like random crash apps or the onscreen keyboard,
i had to reboot my device 4 or 5 times during 3 days ...
so Taalojärvi was much better in my opinion. This is why i wont to downgrade. What i done:

Shell Login (local on the phone, no ssh)

ssu re
version --dup

Everthing looks good until the reboot, i get a mhmm black screen of dead? instead of my unlook screen i get a black screen and only the blackligt is on

Some Ideas what happend wrong here?

This evening i will try the recovery mode hopefully a factory reset will work and bring the yolla back on agine.

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You are not the only one that decided to move away from as I think it is the most unstable update so far. I did mine also yesterday... At boot jolla screen appeared twice, got me panicking I have to admit as I was far from ready for factory reset, but went well ad never thought it could feel so good to see an outdated SFOS version. Can't really see or say what you did wrong although I opted for this commands ssu release version --dup sync reboot

And also remembered disabling all of my patches and uninstalled powermenu2 and its ambience settings by coderus as the version was specifically for, was suspecting it might cause some issues if I didn't, I didn't remove the newest versions of patches meant for though just unapplied them, after the downgrade they all work wonderfully well. Sorry for your issue man, hope the factory reset won't too much of a pain for you

One more thing I noticed, no need to be root for the downgrade process, there is no need for devel-su in the line of commands

DameCENO ( 2016-09-13 14:16:04 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-09-13 14:09:08 +0300

miau gravatar image

Have you tried resetting the phone with the recovery mode?


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answered 2016-09-14 10:19:42 +0300

karloff gravatar image

updated 2016-09-14 10:21:21 +0300

It's done - yesterday i use recovery mode and factory reset, it works great, the recovery mode is in my opinion one of the best tools out there in mobile area
... but the backup function from my jolla is the opposite of good - im happy that im able to restore my contacs ... and the new version in Aurajoki is one of the worst i ever seen.
And it seam jolla fixed the downgrade problem on there way ... i was not able to install any longer, can not find the repo if i try it directly from shell and from the update check software on my jolla it's skip too.
Thats bad, fix your software jolla company and not the problem by removing the repo ...

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