How to setup SFTP (secure FTP ) over WLAN between Jolla and MacOS X

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How do you connect through developer mode and WIFI your Jolla phone to your Apple MAC computer in order to easily and without much fuzz move files back and forth and use your MacBook to do file organizing on your phone?

  1. Install cyberduck for FTP and SFTP connections;
  2. In Mac Finder from Menu select connect to server;
  3. From Jolla phone settings activate developer mode and enter the WLAN IP Address the following way as the SFTP server address sftp://192-168.##.#, push the little plus sign to add the sever to your favorites so you can more easily connect to it later;
  4. In Jolla phone setting activate Remote Connection, use a nice strong password (>15 with #, Letters, Special Characters that is impossible to remember) written down somewhere;
  5. From Mac Finder choose connect and Cyberduck app should open up;
  6. Within Cyberduck now enter username: nemo, and password: the one you picked in part 3;
  7. You now have access from your MacBook over the Air into your /home/nemo folder!
  8. In cyberduck you can bookmark the connection to re-connect, or go back to the finder to re-connect;

NO USB required, no Bluetooth required, and most importantly no MORE EMAIL required to send yourself files;

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thanks magullo, i have also run into a problem where i can connect and read the root folder but cannot write to it using sftp SSH protocol. Why is that and why can i only achieve su status through the terminal and not the remote connection?

DarkTuring ( 2016-09-25 07:35:50 +0300 )edit

An alternative to Cyberduck is Filezilla.

stoft ( 2016-09-26 09:30:06 +0300 )edit

@DarkTuring I think issimply beacuse the sftp client cannot do sudo (devel-su). This is a good thing, prevents you from deleting folders in an accidental way.

magullo ( 2016-09-26 10:35:16 +0300 )edit

great answers, i want to start a new threat based on our discussion so i think this is mostly answered. I am next looking for a remote terminal application into the phone.

DarkTuring ( 2016-09-27 01:45:42 +0300 )edit