[Official Announcement] Here we go with the 2.0.5 localisation round! [not a question]

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Summer's over, everyone's back buzzing with work hence sending good vibes :D

Even before 2.0.4 can see the lights of day on your devices, Jolla's language team rolls out the 2.0.5 UI strings for your attention and interpretation ;)

2.0.5 will contain mostly under-the-bonnet behind-the-scenes updates, so only a handful of strings for you to translate this time round, hoping could be completed over this weekend of your spare time.

The new project "Sailfish OS Components Webview" re-uses many existing terms and phrases, so we've already translated most of its strings using "translation memory" (a handy Pootle's feature that helps to stay focused in the world of string duplicates, -- redundancy is a friend of data warehousing -- I may add that to the "Why do a lot of strings repeat themselves among projects?" question received during the webinar)

Every translation round has the opportunity to bring communities closer and stronger together: during the past couple of times we always felt Danish, Norwegian, and Chinese (Simplified and Hong Kong) communities to be the least active in translations... We'll again ask you to ping a Dane, Norwegian or Chinese next to you to keep the words flowing in :)

Good news for the lovers of many other world's languages: the import from Transifex has now been completed for all languages that have been there, and 99% of that work has been done by our community hero @martonmiklos \o/ Big thanks!

We'll follow the news up as a separate announcement, which will contain instructions on how to take your language off the ground (electing coordinators, contributing to Terminology to lay out basic term agreements, and finally create the language style guide, email it to me, which I'll put on the Sailfish OS wiki crediting you).

Details how to do any of the above will follow, yet you can already start suggesting to the newly imports :) (unofficial languages are named accordingly, e.g. "Dutch community", "Czech community", ...)

Next up, we are helping Miklos to be able to easily build language pack RPMs and snapshot release them regularly on OpenRepos.

Word up!
Sim from the L10n team

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When you said Here We Go, I honestly thought it was about the Map application! :D But, yes, 2.0.5, I over looked that! Good thing that there are frequent updates being cooked behind the scene..

lal ( 2016-09-24 18:55:44 +0200 )edit