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[Official announcement] Lots of earlier translated community languages have been imported to Pootle

asked 2016-09-23 13:45:27 +0300

sledges gravatar image

Good news everyone!

@martonmiklos has converted all Transifex languages (no matter how complete) into Pootle layout, and I've imported them now into the tool.

Here goes this great bouquet: Belarusian (Taraskievica), Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Dutch, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai, and Welsh !

The next steps are:

  • I would like to ask the language enthusiasts to write up a Style Guide wiki article that I will then place in our Sailfish OS wiki (crediting your work). Click here to see how we will pull it off :)
  • Please contribute to the Terminology project in Pootle while the language is still "fresh" to avoid further inconsistencies. Pootle shows the term translations in its translation Web UI once a match comes up in a phrase -- very handy! You can also vote for those suggestions
  • And lastly, please volunteer to coordinate the language, because only coordinators are able to accept translation suggestions

Next will be to start making snapshots of community language strings and bake RPMs. We're working with Miklos to bring this to you to OpenRepos, in the meantime feel free to already start suggesting those nice translations to bring your favourite language(s) to completion!

Have fun!
Sim from the L10n team

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did Jozef Mlích already looked at the differences between the translation versions "jolla-cesky" and Czech translation files on "unofficial-jolla-translations"? What differences are there? He asked for access rights some months ago, but didn't provide the info, what he found.

Best regards, Pavel Fric

fri ( 2016-09-23 20:36:24 +0300 )edit

Ahoj! Let's ask @xmlich02 directly :)

sledges ( 2016-09-27 15:45:01 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-09-23 14:18:49 +0300

@kenya888 Could you please add a notification/redirect link to the Transifex project's cover page? I have seen activities recently there, which will be hard to migrate to the pootle. Thanks in advance!

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@martonmiklos Thank you so much for your great work about migration!! I've pushed an announcement on my Transifex project and updated the description to navigate to Pootle and articles about it. But... I can't find the clear notification appearance on the main page of my Transifex project... Could you let me know if you can find more good place to keep notification on?

Here is my announcement page. https://www.transifex.com/kenya888/unofficial-jolla-translations/announcements/6325/

Regards. @kenya888

kenya888 ( 2016-09-23 15:12:38 +0300 )edit

@kenya888 Many thanks for putting out the notification, I got a copy to my mailbox too.

I have not managed a Transifex project yet, but this spot seems to be user configurable for me: https://gyazo.com/b8566777bf9c80e87b584ffe244a5bd8

If you could put HTML/anythin else than a link there that would be a good point to put some notification, if someone not reads the notifications.

The another thing what I would recommend is take down the 0% languages, to reduce the confusion in the future. If someone wants to contribute to a new language should be redirected either or other way to the TJC and ask sledges for creating that lang on pootle.

The another thing what I would think about is to making the translations read-only (if possible).

There is already some confusion here: https://together.jolla.com/question/146072/several-questions-from-the-translator/

And I have also seen contributions on the Transifex to the Latvian (which has been migrated in the previous round) language from yesterday.

--That is just my two cents.

martonmiklos ( 2016-09-23 23:02:09 +0300 )edit

Ah... Thank you for your suggestion. The page screenshot you showed me seems good, but I cannot find how to update this page... hahaha...

OK, anyway I'd like to do more action as following.

  1. Update the project page on OpenRepos to navigate to Pootle.
  2. Try finding how to make my project read-only on Transifex

Any other ideas are welcomed:)

kenya888 ( 2016-09-27 15:21:49 +0300 )edit

answered 2016-09-27 15:43:59 +0300

zemiacsik gravatar image

updated 2016-09-28 16:19:17 +0300

It would be awesome if you could add a context comment to some words, because for example "Comments: This term is a noun." helps, but it still can have a different meaning (translations).

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Thanks for pointing this out! We're aware there might be lacks of context, and will strive to provide more, but if you still come across an obscure string, please create a TJC ticket pointing to that string and asking for more info. Cheers! :)

sledges ( 2016-09-27 16:32:11 +0300 )edit

+1, One of a few examples is the ambiguity between "(music) album" and "(photo) album", which the translation completely differs in some languages. The Pootle platform does not allow translators to comment on terms, so a clear guide on filing l10n tickets here would be important.

RSChiang ( 2016-09-28 09:23:23 +0300 )edit
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