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What is most great about Jolla device for you? Really the top 2-3 things (okay, 4-5 if you just have to) [not a question]

asked 2014-01-14 01:13:59 +0200

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updated 2014-12-01 15:36:38 +0200

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Jolla device and Sailfish OS contain lots of innovations: some great, some just interesting. Let's figure out which ones really do stand out of the crowd and make your life easier, more convenient or maybe more fun.

What are the things you would show or at least advertise to your friends or even parent (maybe some of these features temporarily don't work great right now, but you are sure how they will work in the end)?

Put your answers to this question, one feature/idea/peculiarity per answer, but really try to stay at as small number as you can (no real limit, but 2-3 ideas ideally). Then the voting will help us understand what stands out real great to the current crowd.

Please, put your answers as, well, answers. Use comments, well, to comment about the question (e.g if you think it should be corrected)

Similar discussion for the worst things in Jolla (there are a few issues, aren't there):

And yes, we should do a couple of polls for actual prioritization for the things mentioned/voted most often

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to have it upvote worthy you need to specify answers to be voted on not ask people to list theirs in one answer... do a proper poll

chemist ( 2014-01-14 16:45:27 +0200 )edit

I was more into a discussion for now. Yes, there is value in a proper poll too. Maybe to be organized for the items mentioned most often in this thread. And sure I don't mind if somebody else does it.

Artem ( 2014-01-15 10:59:27 +0200 )edit

While it's a great question - shouldn't such question be asked in another forum? In my opinion together.jolla is here to ask questions about issues/bugs on the system or give the Jolla team an idea what us users wish to have. If everyone starts such "discussions" this place soon will be a clutter...

molan ( 2014-01-15 11:21:28 +0200 )edit

@Artem: Let's agree on putting up a wiki post instead where users with a karma > to 75 can all contribute and others comment so we don't break the karma logic and keep things nicely formatted. Items are already voted upon so if you look by votes you already have a good idea of what must be prioritized... So I close this for now, thanks.

eric ( 2014-01-17 01:09:43 +0200 )edit

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answered 2014-01-14 15:55:45 +0200

TimTTK gravatar image

Innovative and helpful community + amazing device that is developed further alongside with real users to ensure that we get a proper device that people really need and use in everyday life, not just a device that is already "designed" and people must use it whether they like it or not.

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answered 2014-01-15 14:04:38 +0200

typo gravatar image

I'm mostly just repeating other people but here's my top-likes list (bit more than requested but I couldn't really cut the list shorter):

  • simple, yet elegant design. I llllove it!
  • user-changeable battery and SD card slot
  • really nice, crisp and clear display
  • linux console with root access when necessary (FingerTerm could use a bit of stabilizing love, though)
  • keyboard in landscape mode (not so much in portrait mode so this is actually more of a FingerTerm like)
    • for me, the above two points make Jolla The Best mobile device for IRC and remote linux stuff since Nokia E90
  • multitasking. I love being able to IRC while browsing the web and playing music from Spotify
  • battery life (after perma-stopping tohd.service)! In my heavy-user mode it still lasts about a full day, and in semi-idle use approx. 2-2.5 days and that's awesome for any modern phone!
  • media player! Really fast and easy to use and I love the fact that it supports so many formats (currently got .mp3, .ogg, .wav and .flac in my Music folder)
  • Excellent, active community. Hoping to see it grow by a lot.
  • price, relative to how much bang for your buck you actually get
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answered 2014-01-15 10:28:44 +0200

Aequanix gravatar image

updated 2014-01-15 10:47:12 +0200

Using an Android tablet after three weeks of Jolla phone just feels awkward and clumsy. UI is not necessaryly faster but much more intuitive to use after a very short time. Even if you can't access your settings from just everywhere - pushing the app to the home screen, doing whatever one has to do, and then continuing from the home screen is so much more intuitive than all this home button task switcher business.

Love fingerterm with root access. Beeing able to work around things with a terminal command is worth a lot.

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answered 2014-01-15 14:43:01 +0200

eric gravatar image

updated 2014-01-15 15:05:34 +0200

@Artem: honestly, this post does not bring any value as such and more over, using the system for polling is not appropriate as it's not just designed so. The expectation is to have questions where issues are accurately described and broken down to a single one per post, allowing the answering part to properly happen. I'd recommend that you identify clearly which are the issues you, as a user, find the most annoying, make sure they are already reported here and vote up so we get an overall understanding of what needs to be improved. If you have ideas on how the device could be improved, with new software or hardware features, just proceed similarly, and cast a vote on what you think is good so we all share a common understanding.

So please, let's align on what does best and fully utilize that. Single item per question with votes showing the actual importance, comments refining what the issue is really about, answers that are also voted and eventually accepted so the question is closed.

Thanks for your understanding!

Some more information about the above guidelines are found here:

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answered 2014-01-14 15:27:01 +0200

Venty gravatar image

About the Beta Status of Sailfish:

The bad thing about Beta is that there are rough edges and some things do not work at all yet. The good thing about Beta is that the Jolla gets better and better over time and there is less chance of it becoming boring because you already have "seen it all". =:o)

"Geduld bringt Rosen"

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answered 2014-01-15 15:59:53 +0200

the_mgt gravatar image

updated 2014-02-16 02:40:05 +0200

The way you can set the time for alarms, with this clock face. So fast, so easy to use while walking, so ingenious!

The calculator! It has some quirks but the workflow and usability beats every single (non-scientific) calculator I used on a computer or mobile device to pulp!

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answered 2014-01-15 16:54:44 +0200

steffenl gravatar image

The best thing about Jolla is that you ask this kind of questions here at and I believe that you do read our answers ;)

Coming from the N9 one feels the 2 years of hard work that you have invested in Sailfish and the device itself, this on the base that the N9 was already great on its own!

Last but not least its the spirit at Jolla to open the phone software-wise and, that's fantastic, hardware-wise in terms of TOH. Looking forward for extentions we have never seen before or even imagined!

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