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Disable camera zoom? [answered]

asked 2016-10-20 01:20:49 +0300

dunno gravatar image

I only use the camera zoom by accident. Is there a way to disable it, to make an accidental pinch do nothing?

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-10-20 02:49:51 +0300

Edz gravatar image

updated 2016-10-20 03:03:27 +0300

Yes, it is possible. You will need to edit a file in root, this means using terminal, or I can make a patch for you. If you choose the patch option, this means you will need to install Patchmanager from Openrepos.

Which would you prefer?, edit yourself or apply a patch?

Here's the file and line the requires a simple edit to get the effect you want;

/usr/share/jolla-camera/pages/capture/CaptureOverlay.qml Line 113

The original line looks like this;

    onPinchUpdated: {
    camera.digitalZoom = Math.max(1, Math.min(

The line needs to look like this;

    onPinchUpdated: {
    camera.digitalZoom = Math.min(1, Math.max(

Save the file and fire up the camera, zoom should now be disabled although the zoom bar/indicator still shows, it doesn't move.

IF you are not keen on editing the file yourself, let me know and I can make a patch.

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answered 2016-10-23 19:15:51 +0300

dunno gravatar image

updated 2016-10-23 19:16:30 +0300


It seems that one can make not only the zoom function, but also the dialog, disappear by clearing onPinchUpdated and onPinchStarted before it. So, my file now says

onPinchStarted: {

onPinchUpdated: {
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