[Bug] Event not visible in Calendar cover if alarm is set day early [released]

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This bug was originally reported as part of widget bug.


Event is not visible in Calendar app cover (or widget) if the alarm for it has been set one day before the event.


Jolla 1 with ActiveSync-plugin (Nokia)

Zimbra Collaboration Server 8.7

This bug does not seem to happen with CalDAV. No idea if it is reproducible with the new activesync package that comes with Jolla C and tablet. (Unfortunately that plugin does not work with Zimbra at all.)

I also did not have chance to test this against an Exchange server but I expect the same result with it. In any case please confirm with Exchange.

How to reproduce

Set an event in Zimbra/Exchange calendar for the next day on the server side (this is important). Set alarm for the event 24 hours/one day early.

Set two other events before and after the event. Put their alarms at 5 minutes.

Wait for the day early event alarm and acknowledge it (swipe up).

Next day check the cover. Only the events that have the alarm set on the same day as their respective events are visible in the cover. The missing one should come after the first but it is visible only inside the actual Calendar app.


Fixed somewhere along the SFOS updates.

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