Home screen Down gesture to open ambience switcher

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The Top menu (with the ambience switcher and powermenu if you have the appropriate patch) now opens if we swipe down from outside the home screen. I have small hands and the large display of Jolla C makes it unconfortable to swipe down from outside the screen. I would like to open the Top menu also by a down gesture from inside the homescreen. As far as I can see there is no swipe-down gesture defined for the home screen except scrolling up-down the opened applications if there are so many that it needs to be scrolled.

My idea is based on the swipe-up gesture to access the launcher where the up-gesture can be either started from outside or inside the screen. The opposite direction should work the same way to access Top menu. The Events screen also has this feature: swipe down to access the settings panel (whatever is its name), swipe up to access the launcher and all works when we start the swipe from inside the screen. This would give us a much more convenient way to access the Top menu from the home screen. Not attaching a possible gesture is a waste.

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I think it would be better to put the ambience switcher in the carousel, as it was in Sailfish 1.

nthn ( 2016-10-24 17:23:33 +0300 )edit