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Why Sailfish? [subjective]

asked 2016-10-25 12:52:12 +0300

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based on this article which is written in 2015 the growth of Android is exponential and Tizen has been good vs sailfish is incremental

the main failure of windows phone is being "unlike android" its not just a direct comparison on OS vs OS its about android experience vs others so by that comparison i would say iOS is atleast 70% similar to android user experience [UX/Navigation etc] where Windows phone went 0% similar to android user experience the other OS platform which had better similarity in UX is BBOS. but it was born with defective marketing Sailfish wanted to be unique and still being unique [people come and leave] there is no UPGRADE option in Sailfish. the OS gets more stable... but the hardware remains the same

i bought a Jolla and used it until it died. took to few service centers and everyone looked it like an alien thing. so my experience died with it... i went on to try Lumia 640XL and its far far more functional than my Jolla. i was like, if WP can do this much lot of things with poor app support why cant jolla then it was obvious that the WP platform had variety of devices

now Microsoft has abandoned Windows Phone :( the other phone which i miss so dearly is honestly, i wish jolla should release multi OS phones Jolla Windows 10 Phone Jolla Fire Phone Jolla MIUI Phone Jolla Tizen Phone

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lumia 640 more functional in what way?

ApB ( 2016-10-25 13:14:56 +0300 )edit

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answered 2016-10-25 13:28:42 +0300

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Windows 10 is a unified OS system

1.syncs with windows 10 desktop 2.Cortana 3.apps 4.notification hub tiles 6.internet sharing 7.continuum and more you cant beat WP in productivity not even iphone im using iphone only to show off and my daily driver is Lumia 640XL

ive been indifferent to Windows Phone 7 at first. just because i wanted to try a new OS bought a Lumia 800 and upgrade to Lumia 1520 and using a Lumia 640 XL the OS experience from its infancy to now is phenomenal

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