Suggestion: Installing applications from QR codes

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While there is a generic question for QR support in Sailfish OS, this is a specific tracking question for being able to install an application by providing a QR code.

General consideration

  • confirmation from the user should be always required if installing apps specified by qrcodes

QR code content

  • link to Harbour - Harbour application page opens, user can install package
  • link to OpenRepos - application page opens in Warehouse, user can add repository and install package
  • link to RPM - use is asked if he wants to download and install the RPM + some untrusted source, anything might happen blah
  • link to repository - convenient but could be a security risk, maybe just with developer mode activated or some really nasty do you really want to do this text

Usage examples

  • the Blackberry World application store and Google Play both support installing packages by providing a QR code
  • also kinda worked on Fremantle and Harmattan by pasting the URL from the QR code to browser
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openrepos have own uri-scheme. QR codes generated at site, and points to /client?internalURI_URL, for example /client?app/4/view when opened from phone browser it will be handled by client application. if it is not installed, then link opens in browser, and native client will be downloaded.

Basil ( 2014-01-15 08:28:24 +0300 )edit

I don't see why enabling a 3rd party repository demands a scary warning but linking to OpenRepos doesn't.

javispedro ( 2014-01-15 14:07:20 +0300 )edit