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Android Pay Cannot Add Credit Card.

asked 2016-10-30 03:40:46 +0300

DarkTuring gravatar image

updated 2016-10-31 03:22:45 +0300

Currently with Google Services active i am getting a message that the phone isnt supported for Android Pay when trying to add a credit card. Is there an .apk for Alien Dalvik which can activate and control the NFC chip on a Jolla phone with NFC chip installed?

The Android apps i used seem to indicate that on the Turing phone the NFC chip is disabled and i cannot enable it through off the shelf software.

Error when adding card in Android Pay

What i am trying to do is either enable Android Pay somehow, or read a NFC card i own and transmit the same information to a NFC enabled POS to make purchases and i dont need any fancy UI, could do it through the terminal if possible.

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answered 2016-10-31 09:50:29 +0300

coderus gravatar image

Aliendalvik have no direct access to radio modules like bluetooth, nfc and it would never have access.

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@coderus would have been fun to get it to work, if you dont care about it draining the battery or cause a security vulnerability, more like an experiment.

DarkTuring ( 2016-10-31 20:06:27 +0300 )edit

As soon as you give me Turing Phone for testing purposes.

coderus ( 2016-10-31 20:07:29 +0300 )edit

@coderus maybe that can be arranged, but only if youd return it after testing - i have an Aquafish so maybe in a month lets get back to this.

DarkTuring ( 2016-11-02 22:21:26 +0300 )edit
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