Pulley menu moves down to home screen [duplicate]

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I sometimes accidentally tap on a tweet on the notification screen when trying to scroll, and I used to simply close the browser before it launched. After moving to Jolla C this no longer seems to work, since the button to close the app appears very late before the app is launched and does not seem to respond at that point anymore. However, the following behaviour can be seen:

When I tap on a tweet on the notification screen, the home screen is shown as expected and the browser starts loading (when it has not been open). The app covers zoom out as expected. If I long press on the home screen to close apps while the browser is loading, the pulley menu and close buttons for apps appear, and the app covers are zoomed back in part of the way. Right before the browser finally opens, the apps are zoomed again and the pulley menu highlight moves down completely into view. See the below screenshot for clarification. (The screenshot is taken a while back, but the behaviour still occurs after the latest update.)

This is probably not intended, but not really an issue either. If there is something I would like to see done about this, it is the ability to close the browser before it completely loads (which used to work just fine). Now I always have to wait for it to open before closing it.

Screenshot of home screen with pulley menu visible

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